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On 19th October 2017, at Airbus manufacturing plant in Toulouse, in which the development for EASA- European Aviation Safety Agency Type Certification for the newest sister of the Airbus A330-900 Neo series the Airbus 330-900 series in which a medium large heavy airliner, In which it has the same abilities modifications that was learnt from the Airbus 320 Neo series in becoming a more fuel efficiency aircraft with a fuel consumption of twenty five percent ….  In which the same design modifications learnt from A320Neo… in translated with three testing aircrafts in the certification process…

 In which least than 1400 flight hours to flight certification competition.. In which it received its certification on 26th September 2018 over since its campaign started on that October 2017 day with The various testing in between three aircraft types is the Cold Weather Testing in which was tested in extreme cold weather environments of Astana, Kazakhstan, Medium altitude Testing in Cochabamba, Bolivia, External Noise Testing in Moro’n de la Frontenac, Spain , along with Velocity Minimum Unstick at Chalons-Vatry, France  as to hot weather testing at Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates.. Also with A330neo Route Proving grounds flying twelve cities worldwide.. ..

Airbus Image – of the all newest sister Airbus 300-900 Neo …

The all new all new Airbus330-900 Neo series, in which powered by featuring the highly fuel efficiency Rolls Royce Trent 7000 engines featuring with 3D Optimized wing incorporates with lighter composite material usage for fuel reduction consumption…

As part of the newest sister is the new Cockpit systems in which making easier for pilots whom fly previous Airbus series aircraft rapid easier to transition for flight certification with a standard cockpit design….. Among with the new Airbus 330-900 Neo, it features the new Airspace by Airbus with more personal space, with a quieter cabin with larger cabin overhead storage, with mood lighting , advance environmental systems among with the next generation of inflight entertainment, services, also internet connectivity…

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