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“…. The first time you met him- he’s funny, the second time you met him- he’s amazing,  the third time you realize he’s the most dangerous man in the universe, he said, he’s a man of peace.. but walks in War.. I’m having a time of my life…..  and wouldn’t miss it for the world.. even it Kills me…”

Bill – Pearl Mackie..  

As season ten of “ Doctor Who” set to return on 15 April 2017, with the newly introduction of Bill –Pearl Mackie the new companion to the Doctor- Peter Capaldi also in company with Nardole – Matt Lucas from the previous Christmas specials just to keep him grounded ever since when River Song passed away in that library episode..  this time from the perspective of the teaser trailer in the few episodes it’ll be from Bill- Pearl Mackie Companion perspective whom this man is that she’s adventuring with among with Nardole..  Facing on an even darker episode… given this is Peter’s Last Season as the Doctor whom casting is in question.. Either for a Female Doctor or the traditional male regeneration as we see regenerations are gender changeable in the Heaven Sent episode with the Clara’s TARDIS Dinner-restaurant at the end of the universe in honouring the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy…

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