#STARWARS #ROGUEONE | A Star Wars Story- reliving Jyn Erso- Stardust’s epic adventures in your time..

“They Call it the Death Star.. But they have no but there’s a way to defeat it.. We need to capture the Death Star plans.. If there’s any Hope of destroying it….. The time to fight is now.. ! The Death Star Plans are down there… we’ll fin d a way to find them.. Rebellions are built on Hope.  “

………Jyn Erso- Stardust– Felicity Jones…….

“Star Wars- Rogue one “ A Star Wars Story is set to be in Home Theatres with many interesting interactive features, also behind  the scenes on visiting  the various sequences of screenplay process.. least than  one month on storyline Rogue one Takes place just moments hours after the Princess Leia’s diplomatic ship makes a after repairs run for the twin star-sunned planet Tatooine… In response to a race find an old family friend Jedi General Obi Wan Kenobi   before Maul does as also “Star Wars Rebels” conclude in finding General Obi Wan Kenobi… in which it may lead to also someone else to a young farm boy Skywalker..  Luke……..in episode four” A New Hope”

As Rogue one takes shape on finding the Daughter of the Chief Designer of a massive hyperspace jump capable weapons station namely the Death Star….Finding Jyn Erso- Felicity Jones in which will find Galen Erso- Mads Mikkelsen in which finding the plans of the Death Star that’s been in Finalized construction for about least twenty years……in which was first discovered on a Rebellion routine reconnaissance mission as seemly stumble apond onto something large  with a massive swarms of Star Destroyers Fleet surrounding  patrolling around it…… Finding those plans on Scarif will find the Death Star weakness points among many more weakness points of interest that further Death Stars that in construction…

Star Wars – Rogue One- A Star Wars Story is set out to be released on Home Digital on 24 March 2017, Blue Ray 3D, Blue Ray DVD also on demand on 4th April 2017… .

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