#DOCTORWHO | Season ten what’s to come from….. A time for Heroes….

“…. The first time you met him- he’s funny, the second time you met him- he’s amazing,  the third time you realize he’s the most dangerous man in the universe, he said, he’s a man of peace.. but walks in War.. I’m having a time of my life…..  and wouldn’t miss it for the world.. even it Kills me…”

Bill – Pearl Mackie..  

As season ten of “ Doctor Who” set to return on 15 April 2017, with the newly introduction of Bill –Pearl Mackie the new companion to the Doctor- Peter Capaldi also in company with Nardole – Matt Lucas from the previous Christmas specials just to keep him grounded ever since when River Song passed away in that library episode..  this time from the perspective of the teaser trailer in the few episodes it’ll be from Bill- Pearl Mackie Companion perspective whom this man is that she’s adventuring with among with Nardole..  Facing on an even darker episode… given this is Peter’s Last Season as the Doctor whom casting is in question.. Either for a Female Doctor or the traditional male regeneration as we see regenerations are gender changeable in the Heaven Sent episode with the Clara’s TARDIS Dinner-restaurant at the end of the universe in honouring the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy…

DOCTOR WHO | first look at the Return of Doctor Mysterio – #DOCTORWHO – Christmas special 2016


“………………………..Don’t Panic…………….!” The Doctor- Peter Capaldi 

As during the Tom Baker also Colin Baker time as the Doctor on “Doctor who” the series was very much often called as “El Loco Doctor Mysterio’  as it was translated from the English to another foreign language as it was televised in Latin countries.. Also During the Auckland BBC a Conservation With Peter Capaldi express interest in doing something like Doctor Mysterio episode..

Written by Steven Moffat Directed by Ed Bazzlgette… In this year’s Christmas Special the Doctor- Peter Capaldi- 12th Doctor teams up this time with a comic book superhero as the adventures takes place in New York, with a Batman Robin look to his hero uniform.. Also it’s the first time we get to see Bill- Pearl Mackie in action also a reprisal from the previous Christmas special that features the Husbands of River Song (Alex Kingston)… In which features Matt Lucas as Nardole in which seemingly he’s in one piece…

The story outline is that the Doctor teams up with an investigative Journalist- Charity Wakefield becomes a superhero like Superman, or Supergirl whom tries, save new York from an out world threat, as the Doctor returns to New York is also the place where his in-laws “The Ponds” Amelia and Rory Ponds-Williams-Karen Gillian, Arthur Darvill into 1938 have been pulled out from his fix point in time by the weeping angels- The Angels Take Manhattan..  Also joining the Christmas special is Justin Chatwin whom plays Grant hence the G on the suit… the Christmas Special featuring sixty minutes broadcast on Christmas day on BBC one hopefully it’ll be simulcast on some countries..


DOCTOR WHO | The new companion for season ten.. Introducing Bill…


As the Doctor customary travels alone in “ Doctor Who” ,  The Doctor also travels with companion in either singular or Plural through his journeys to keep the Doctor humble and grounded,  also as we’re left off  to traveling after the episode of “Hell’s Bent” on where  we see Clara- Jenna Coleman and Me-Maisie Williams left off into another Journey into another faulty type 40- the Diner in where he met maybe for a while of River Song -Alex Kingston before she’s sets out in the getting qualify as the Professor and then the library incident where she met her husband the tenth Doctor-David Tennant ….

Introducing Bill, played by Pearl Mackie, her character seems to be In between late teens to into her twenties with an intriguing sense of street wit, and fashion sense from Nylon, also she’s asking alot questions of whom, what are they being chased by as the Doctor explains in the running, always constant running  in the corridors away from the Daleks in which is a classic introduction like in the classic Who of traveling to Skaro , as  they run needing to go back to 2017 to something in saving time where it will be aired also we get to know her more as her surname isn’t explained….  ?

DOCTOR WHO | your River Song’s blue Journal – spoilers

Given that  you love writing down adventuring spoilers in your travels, and your constant ever so companion is the Doctor, and you love to led him on in sort off of what’s to come, well there’s a blue beautifully hand crafted journal, with the blue police box panel indentations of the Tardis.. The pages are blank so you could write your own adventures..  Also the journal is timelessly made given that it takes six hours hand crafty made for you…  Given the look of it, I presume it’s the same size has River’s which means it’s easy to carry around with in your jacket making easy access to jolt down those written adventurous  moments.. .

The timelessly made River Song’s journal is produced by Vortexia wrap in a Matt’s Doctor red bow tie colour in satin ribbon..!