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On 7th December 2016 the Day of infamy which in remembrance day for the braven heroic women and men whom loss their lives in an Imperial Japanese attack Pearl Harbour Hawaii  on 1941 ten years after World War Two started in KMT controlled Republic of China on the Marco Polo bridge in 1931, to commemorated that remembrance day is the “Boeing constructed Wide Global SATCOM Eight”, from Cape Canaveral Air force Station; Florida from ULA- United Launch Alliance,  Space Launch Complex 37, SLC37… is the launching of a payload required from the United States Air Force, in which it’s the eighth Wideband Global SATCOM….  As no time specifics for the launch time itself, but the Payload, Boeing- WGS-8 is launched on a carrier rocket, by a Delta four, Delta four medium plus (5.4) configuration….

The launching profile Specifics for the Launch of the WGS-8 from Launch Complex 37, from Cape Canaveral Air force station, Florida.. in which the window of the Launch is in between 18:53 to 19:42 Eastern Standard Time.. With the event broadcast starting at 18:33 hours Eastern Standard Time …..

The payload itself is an Untied States Air Force Satellite client, in which providing essentials Data communications, with an extremely High Capacity enhancement capabilities to the American Defence forces, personal and systems for the next Decade… In the WGS-8 one of many primary purposes is itself ulitizites itself as Command and Control, Communications Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR), in which provides the provisions of Combat Data analysis support of the theater of operations of informationally… Its communications broadcast systems sits on UHF frequencies in the allocation of 500MHz of the X-band and one GHz of the Ka Band spectrum..  As WGS-7 is in operations, the Eighth is one of series on contract order among with the network of ninth and tenth underway..

One of the essential components of the WSG-8 is it’s propulsion systems, in which as a industrial leading on utilizing the 702HP Boeing satellite Platform in a cost effective Xenon-ion Propulsion Systems-XIPS in which with  moving effectively with in obtaining that Data…

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