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On seventh December 2016, France, “Airbus” celebrated also in preparations for International Civil Aviation Day… in doing so during the flight planning process to assemble various Airbus flight teams whom flight in various flight formation of the Airbus aircraft family in sequences of  first the Diamond , to Echelon formation, to the final formation separation is the Enlacement..   With the command corvette aircraft to film the whole flight formation…

During the flight formation the pilots of each aircraft of composing A320-Neo, A330-200, A350-900, also the flagship the Airbus 380-800.. Will be least sixty to eighty meters away from each other… As Thierry Bourges – Experimental Test Pilot Mission leader explains the process in preparation as the four aircraft in Diamond formation the critical part is the break up formation in where the two wing aircraft’s displaying altitude of ten degrees.. With a full stick deflection… the composition of Airbus flight teams are from various countries, the English, Spain, Italian, French, German air force pilots retired from service, but flying is their passion..

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