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In the next Storyline of “Star Wars- the Old Republic” in which is storyline of “Knights of the Eternal Throne” reveals more of self-betrayal storyline line in between a Mother and daughter relationship in where it’s akin likeness to Ben Solo and his father Han Solo…  As the next expansion from the Fallen Empire storyline… Which this storyline reveal online on 2nd December 2016..   this is seemingly a Mother and daughter storyline as the mother is well aware of her daughter’s force abilities on notable larger scale in which on such a scale that her force abilities is much greater than hers in which she’s tries to hide them so it be noticed by others whom wants to take advantage of her, by hiding her daughters abilities as the story progress she finally is aware of not teaching her at early age and her daughter finds resentment unaware parentally rebels  in not being taught the true nature of the force in which she wanted finding her parental rebellion of the dark side as she’s taken away  .. as the storyline between the two grows, her mother tries to rescues her finding her daughter has succumb towards the Dark side nature of the force eventually both of their paths met finally in a situation where her mother didn’t want to be in, confronting her loving daughter that’s have cause so much destruction in their home world in where she will have to bring her back towards the light side at all cost in still loving her even though it meant her death…

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