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As the building up for the journey to Mars in the years of 2030 for “NASA – The National Aeronautics And Space Administration” also commercially inspired for Space X readiness for the launch  year of 2018 in testing out the Dragon nine command module also providing the ground work for their “Space X Interplanetary Transport Systems” for the colonization of Mars in years to come… as they approach on a step by step approach in which” NASA –Boeing” has been also applying in using the ISS-International Space Station as a test bed platform on which what would it be like on long duration travel to Mars, and interplanetary.. also in using the development of the SLS-Space Launch System….

Boeing’s strategic path is many , One of the first steps is return to the moon in establishing a Luna outpost, then testing the hardware and software in preparation towards Mars, in which establishing another space station pit stop.. with the Martin transport system in establishing a two year travel cycle where the distance between Planet Earth and Mars is at its closest given if you used planetary gravity assist mode of  to getting you there off orbiting around Mars, first then landing on mars to start adventuring on the Rusty Planet.. Today’s generation is the Mars Generation in sitting in that primary school class room is her or his inspiration to travel to Mars…

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