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Given that you love your constitution Class retrofit also that you spend every daily minute tweaking yours in drydock for the summer towards the winter season also that you love racing them as well in between the same class, and you’re thinking what tactics on how I can go about in racing on a smaller scale?… Well This “Star Trek – Think Geek USS Enterprise Quadcopter” might help you think of those tactics in racing as when pilots prepping up just before flight…   Its model on the USS Enterprise Retrofit Constitution Class NCC 1701-A in which was release on the 50th Anniversary celebration of Star Trek..  by “ Air Hogs” it has ten Authentic lights and sounds, with a theme like remote control in which both are charged up in one hour  via USB cabling so the only thing that  require purchasing batteries is the controller in which that charge towards the Quadcopter for seven minute flight.. With a range of 200 feet in radius…  Also it lights up as well too in makes it great when flying around backyard in the dark  racing among with the same Constitution class Quadcopter..

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