BOEING T-X | animation- the future of Pilot training for next generation aircraft- the daughter of the T-38 Talon..

Boeing’s newest Aircraft in this year’s collection of 2016 is this very cute, highly maneuverable fighter, or hopefully it becomes a civilian aircraft, its name it’s The T-X, it’s the next generation pilot trainer, in which it’s collaboration in between Boeing and Saab…. As this is next replacement of the aging T-38’s in which service the training of the United States Air force also as of NASA’s Astronauts when learning, training of flying the Space Shuttle- STS Space Transportation System Program, also it’s the current fleet of guide aircraft to assist the Space Shuttle inwards to land at Kennedy Space Center, also at Edwards Air force Base.. as the replacement of the T-38’s is intended for 2024 year..

The Collaboration T-X trainer fighter aircraft is inspired by a combination of various aircraft Orthough having that combination inspired by different aircraft gives the pilots more options in flying in various next generations single engine resembling the profile of the F-35, also the wings in-between of an F-16 Fighting Falcon… in which has twin setting arrangement as most standard aircraft with Stadium seating so it gives the pilots more encompassing views on what’s around also within the advance  Cockpit with the latest offering tools in technologies to be taught in as ever changing mission that they may have to adapt towards to the 21st century.. As to the Aircraft of the Boeing T-X of being maintained, at a long term an affordable operational, maintenance friendly support..

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