LUNA PHOTOGRAPHY | August 2016…………….

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” wink at the Moon……and she’ll will wink back at ya.. !” remembering the Late Astronaut Neil Armstrong.. 

During the month of August 2016, has been interesting in the night skies in Auckland, New Zealand in which is generally located in the Southern hemisphere… during the recent week, the Auckland night skies have been generous gorgeous in which the Winter has already arrived in place of the of the two wintery planets in between currently of the constellation of Scorpio with side by side of least 110 million kilometers away, fifteen minutes light ago is the rusty orange Planet Mars as to of the other side is the one billion Kilometers, about one light hour ago is the ringed Planet Saturn..

The Moon Luna has been interesting during August as showing crowds, some interesting features as it when through the Waxing Gibbous process towards the full moon, as it show highlights of its crater shadowy kilometers length shadow casted on the Luna surface as the Terminator line receded… among it the Chinese Story of the Jade Rabbit showing the bunny ears mare features of like the sea of Serenity which makes one pair of the bunny ears, Tranquilly the head of the Jade Rabbit.. The area in which Apollo Luna Landings have populated…

Among what’s been happening this past week, or this month is the fiery light show of the Perseids meteor shower in which just happen last week, as the Planet Earth in which you’re living on is passing through giving you a need to picnic in the dark with your love one romantically in between the 11th to 12th August 2016 in which with a peak observation during when you two look up in the constellation Perseus. In between Aries, nearby open Cluster Pleiades…

As to the rocket launches, there was least two currently this month, one Space X, in which was a Geostationary telecommunications Satellite the JCSAT 16 launched from Space Launch complex 40, in which was launched from the same Falcon nine reusable that launched JCSAT 14…… the other one from 19th August in which was an United Launch Alliance from Space Launch complex 37, in which was a US Air force collision avoidance detection satellite on a Boeing Atlas four rocket..


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