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where it all begins your fleet at Starbase 79- one

where it all begins your fleet at Starbase 79- one at Earth Space Dock..


Hello… I’ve been in a fleet, or two now one on “Star Trek Online” for the last past few least five years now. It’s been interesting and lots of hard working involve. Building, starting up a fleet up takes a lot of work and team work together to accomplish the various goals in building it up as it’s a massive learning process as well… for now I’m a retired Fleet Admiral, now a Fleet Consultant within the fleet..

When you first started, you don’t have a fleet Star base yet. You have your friends, online, or if you know them offline that’s cool in game like in Felicia Day’s The Guild.. But you need five in a team to make sure it’s registered right… With one nominated person to be the founder of that, you a created fleet… At a Star base, in the basement levels of Admiral Quinn’s office.. From there you have to decide the makeup of the fleet, it’s mission statement, the fleet privileges, also the logo design part as well in which defined the feel of your fleet as you look and scroll through the Fleet’s onscreen pad…

As you begin with five invited members, with rank of Lieutenant Commander, in creating the of the fleet, the best advice is to give take it slowly at the pace of your members of the fleet… it can be rewarding if you do, with some milestones that you guys are doing… Also celebrate as you go with each various upgrades that you guys doing… Plan each way of what’s need first and second, then onwards in build your Fleet Starbase right and first… with sourcing, or crafting of materials that you gain in game in order to construct your fleet Starbase, then the surrounding facilities that assist the construction of your Fleet Starbase in which comes in different Tiers with different tiers comes with different upgrades items…

Over the course of time.. I’ll share my experiences on building your fleet… feel free to drop of any questions that you have in mind of building one..

2 thoughts on “STAR TREK ONLINE | Your Fleet ………… where to start.. ?

  1. Zohan says:

    I have been apart of a few Fleets and debating wether or not to start my own. Great post!

    1. kevinjamesng says:

      Thanks…. Good luck on your new Fleet Godspeed..!

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