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“…………. Oh No…is there’s another way out of here…?” Han Solo asked turns to Maz Kanata..


As the “Star wars-The Force awakens” is set to be release on  the first of April 2016 not on theaters but , on available Digital HD, also blue Ray on fifth of April,  releasing some interesting parts of the story that didn’t make it to the actual story telling of the movie.. But some deleted scenes do provide the extra story to support those particular scenes that provides that continuality in an in-depth way.…

In this we see an small introduction of what’s to be release , the time where Kylo Ren happens to finds and enters of his father’s, Han Solo long lost possession the Millennium  Falcon, and discovers what’s may, or to come..  in another scene where the team Han Solo, is entrapped in the basement storage of trying to find Rey, after finding out the place own by Maz Kanata is parasitic with the First Order Storm troopers..   Also there’s other scenes in this small introduction is the rebellion-resistance base of operations where they planning out the airborne attack of the new Death Star three – Star Killer..

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