Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.


As the United Federation of planets and its allies begins to start to rebuild after the from the Delta Rising and the Ionian war in the New Dawn, also start to re-explored the Galaxy again.. After a long duration of understanding the causes of that war… That happened in Iconia long time ago where the Iconians were very a like the United federation of Planets..

As the rebuild continues, on all fronts, the federation, Klingon also the rebuilding of the Rolumans, ever so expanding into all corners the Milky Way, as the progress continues, there are always detractors in that progression. A new detractor, Temporal Agents Na’ Kuhl is trying to halt or even belay the rebuilding process as we see as they prepare to jump.. as like the Temporal war in seen in the Enterprise where Captain Archer of the NX-01 Enterprise met up with one agent of the Universe class- USS Enterprise J.. in stopping the Temporal war within his time this is call the “Temporal Front”  thinking back of taking back to time of the Constitution Class  USS Enterprise .. thinking that the point in time of the beginning of the incursion will happen..

As to season eleven point five.. the skill system is been revamped, also with strategic secondary speculation , as the Roluman Republic Campaigns with the Admiralty system, also with new red alerts of the Na’ Kuhl…

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