SUN WUKONG | the monkey King is back in alternative adventuring story…!


The Monkey king is back in a slightly different story that the traditional one that you were told like in the Jackie Jack, Jet Li, Crystal Liu YiFei’s The Forbidden Kingdom in where the characters and elements in the story tells the life off the Monkey King also a recent one told by Donnie Yen in the 2014 retention in the prequel sequences of events leading to the Journey in the West and his Arch the Demonic Bull King..

In this storyline of the Sun WuKong, tells a slightly different story, once travelled adventured without any hindrance until then he got caged chained in an ice prison for five hundred years as in the original he got slab on by a massive mountain rock naming Buddha’s hand voluntary accepting his punishment … in this it’s ice encased imprisoned by the Gods in angering them.. Until a wandering adventuring child releases him from the ice prison… After a flight from his village is invade by demons… in turn he owes the child so training up to whom how he once was he rescues the village…   The Monkey king is back, the animination, also capturing the hearts of national wide in PROC China.. As the production innovatively cost with Ten Million USD to produce during the eight years to do the production it is one of the most successfully done animation projects around and wishing it screens in globally around the world,… the Monkey King is back is produced by Producer Liu Zhijiang

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