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the Resolute Class

Star Trek online – the Resolute class- at the Solanae Dyson Sphere..


When I was looking at this ship, straight looking at Lt. .Laurel with that Okay look and requisitioning “the Resolute Class” the Tier Six fleet Advanced Heavy Cruiser that  I knew I’m going to be in trouble because it’s like revisting a ship, a teacher that helped taught me everything  before I made the transition to the Galaxy  class variant vessels..

It’s a strong, very versatile Resolute as it’s basically a Tactical and Engineering ship type.. in which the you can bank up on  Engineering consoles to make the Hulling stronger and in turn building up a tank in the process, also addition with more firepower on the tactical consoles given that you have four weapons consoles for rear and forward..  Also it depends of what you modified in those consoles… As to in two sciences consoles to give you that tactical advantage in wining, surviving that fight..

The Resolute class is roughly the same almost length of the Excelsior retrofit Class, The USS Enterprise B the same Class that Captain John Harriman and Captain Hikaru Sulu‘s Daughter Demora Sulu captained the Enterprise B to the length of 511.25 meters long..  With that in mind the ship has a very rapid maneuvers in turn rates around in rather the larger vessel like the Odyssey class of length 1200 meters long..

One of many things this ship very lengthily, and very narrow in forwardly and rear so it’s best to torpedo first with a full folly of them to drain the opponents shield then rotate bank wise on sides to either port or starboard with full beams banks going, then switching to the other side to do the likewise to minimized your shield drainage and hull damage..

Given that you interchange the parts in between the Excelsior, its retrofit, and the Resolute it will provide you an advantage of increasing your turn rate of decreasing your length as you put, consider the physical physics aspects of your customization will give you an advantage of Maneuvering.  Once you modified as your own build and once in battle you know your Opponents will be singing that That “Taylor Swift” song I knew you were trouble…!

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