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This year 2014 “Armageddon Auckland” has been even larger in patronage, this year the crowds have been larger in volume as orthough it’s held in duration of the New Zealand Labour weekend traditionally of between 24th to 27th October 2014 … it’s been very crowded, than to last years.. As thinking that this year, there were changes to this year’s organisation…

This year’s cosplay have been very impressive as from last years… as there were more in variation in Television, film, comics,  Scifi, Animie and gaming.. The more recent arrival is the “Game of Thrones”, “Frozen-Once a upon a time” Anime and gaming…

Gaming mostly ranging from Tomb Raider, home built Halo cosplays, to a combinations of many variations of Assassin Creeds characters,  a couple of Final Fantasy XII Claire Farron otherwise she is known as Lightning..

As for Scifi Television and film there was a collection from Star Trek, as for Star Wars the 501 in which they also were doing some charity work in various Stormtroopers uniforms, Jedi Knights, Darth Vader.. Providing also that cute Astrometric Droid R2D2… as from Star Trek there was a collection of Girls in between The Original Series also in the JJ Abrams Star Trek uniform dress in either in mostly the Tactical Red, and the Science Blue…also that there was other Starfleet uniforms, ranging from the Wrath of Khan to The Next Generation.. as for Stargate.. There was many in battle fatigues with many in different divisions of Stargate one provide one Battlestar Galatica Colonial officer…. As to Doctor Who, There were many creative cosplays of the Doctor’s companion Clara Oswald in with 11th and 12th Doctor with the company of weeping angels … As this year is for Game of Thrones… With Sansa Stark, Arya Stark also too Joffrey… in this there was some cosplays of from the hobbit movie…

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