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In All the Inflight Safety Video’s thinking “Air New Zealand” has upspring the scale as a benchmark for safety with the promoting of the Last final” Hobbit –The Battle of the Five Armies” in which is screening on the month of 17th December 2014…. In the conclusion of the final story points of Bilbo Baggins.. in a dramatic situation where we last found the story that Smaug the Dragon begins to Fiery down upon a once was protective fortified fishing village..

As for the Filming of the locations of safety Video, is centrically in once the raw gold mining Scenery rich of Central Otago… The inflight video is directed by Taka Waititi, also during the inflight takes you through the many processes of learning inflight safety but in a very Hobbit way..

During the inflight Safety Video, there are many various cameo’s from the crew of the Hobbit, crew of Air New Zealand, and the very important Fans whom are stunned surprised by the accounts on meeting up with from Sir Peter Jackson, Sir Richard Taylor,  the Seventh Doctor- Sylvester McCoy, Dean O’Gorman.. Also the very Hobbit whom narrating is Elijah Wood.. Whom played Frodo Baggins…

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