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In this episode of ”Doctor who- Flatline”  just as scary as when the Weeping Angels have Kidnapped the Tardis and its one of the first times that centric story what happens when the loses the Tardis to some point… also when writer Jamie Mathieson pitch the idea to Steven Moffatt that Clara is carrying the Tardis in the Bag among with the Doctor inside it, having the Tardis shrunk to a size where chameleon Dimensional abilities have been absorb more by a new two Dimensional monster , the Boneless.. And picking the Doctor’s Role, Clara takes the being the Doctor Clara for a while learning what she learn from the Doctor and putting it herself into the Doctor’s Name… and having a growing understanding of the Doctor..

During the Flatline episode production there was number of creative production elements involved.. Having the Tardis smaller an creating those effects where the Tardis main door has dimensionally struck to the point where the Doctor’s hand or face is only to being seen.. Also Clara carries them both in her Bag of the eight inch version of the Tardis…

Also creating those Boneless creatures as it studies and dissects the three Dimensions.. By using the Actors standing in a Carousel turntable to be scan digitally then computer graphically manipulated to look into those terrifying boneless creatures parasiting into our dimensional plane.. Among the episodes there’s been recent episode’s involving art such as the “Day of the Doctor” where it involves the final days of the Time War on Gallifrey.. Also the beautifully touched Van Gogh episode where he drawn out the monster that haunts him and the destruction of the Tardis painted so haunting of what’s to come…

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