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As to “Star Trek  Axanar” in a prelude to what’s things to come before the time of that constitution Class USS Enterprise leaving  that Dry Dock in countering the new threat of the Klingon Empire, Klingon Battle cruiser the D7’s..  In this there’s another story to tell before the four year war. That war was with Romulan Star Empire, in a time been when Captain Johnathan Archer just recently formed a very youthful federation of planets in birth lead by Earth..

“Star Trek Horizons” The story takes place around the “crew of the USS Discovery NX-04” (Captain Hawke), namingly after NASA’s Space Shuttle program, space shuttle Discovery… as to Enterprise and Columbia….  In which their story was told on a televised series having Columbia aswell… in this web series in which is beautifully graphically crafted by a brilliant team of Project Re Source… Tells a story of during the temporal war in which Admiral Archer has been in throughout the Enterprise series… and the prelude to war with the Romulan Star Empire, in which started from in an incident at  the point in P’s Jem, a Vulcan temple disguise a listening outpost was listening in on their distant counters ..  In this we get to see a storyline about Iconians that that was featured during The Original Series… Been refugees in a war that they lost 250,000 years ago…  with that in mind the Iconians are featured back on “Star Trek Online” to continue their story to species manipulative  the control in all the quadrants…

The web series is written, Directed, executive producer by “Tommy Kraft” … also the expect launch of Star Trek Horizons is year’s northern hemispheres winter 2014 in a full length film…

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