STAR TREK| Renegades- Klingon cruiser flyby…?


There’s a production that’s in momentum, it’s  “Star Trek Renegades” it’s set somewhat ten years after when USS Voyager came back from the Delta Quadrant… and finding that in the decade the United Federation of Planets is in a crisis…. In this we have  Newly Design Klingon Cruiser, in akiness to the one in featuring ingame in Star Trek online to the K’Tinga Refit and a Ki’ Tang Raptor…   In this test shot the Battle Klingon battle Cruiser fly in the background of a Nebula by Ali Ries… Cruiser design by John Eaves also by Tobias Richter… presumably in search of the Renegades…?


Like to know more about “Star Trek-Renegades” …?

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