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If you wondering what to do in just before celebrating Christmas, and you snowed in from the wintery blast, with the ambered warmth of the fire place, if not the oil or the electric heater.  There’s one thing that you could be doing is watching Doctor who Christmas specials.  First of all you need to gather these treats,  Bananas,  apples, and of course you got to have fish fingers and custard and you couldn’t miss out Tea, tea is important.  Also if you like to be traditionally non gallifreyan Popcorn and soda’s.

– Let’s start off with the tenth doctor, series two “The Christmas Invasion “dealing with a situation where the doctor is the process of regeneration recovery  with then the Prime Minister Harriet Jones  in dealing with a serious threat of the Sycroaxs and beware of robot Santa and stealthily like killer Christmas trees.

– The following onwards special slowly introduces the person known as that time as the British Prime Minster Harold Saxon. It’s onwards with series three “The Runaway Bride” a pretty much comedic serious episode in with introduction of the future human Time lord Donna Noble.  In both they deal with the threat of the Racnoss Empress to claim Earth.

– The next is the when the tenth Doctor “Voyage of the Dammed” takes on excursion on an alien space liner Titanic, where the owner tries out to cash in a scam of his insurance.

– Then the following is “The next Doctor” the doctor goes back to Christmas Victorian London and takes a stroll and eventually finds a disturbing case of surviving Cyber men, and its minions Cybershades slowly rebuild its forces in repairing the Cyber King.

– Following after that, “A Christmas Carol”  in which it is, settled out in a future post type modern Victorian steampunk  London premise world, the story revolves around the life of young, present, and also elderly Kazaran Sardick, and his relationship with Abigail. Also with the two together they help the doctor to save the crew and passengers of another space liner with the honeymooning Ponds .

– If you into bedtime stories,  “ The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe”  set in war time World War two England, a family without their father  is relocated for their safety out from a targeted city. As the  adventure continues within the story the family is reunited in a timeless precious moments.

Also updating your carol needs is this up comming one, Victorian England again.- Snowmen.

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