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Found this, this is pretty cool! but’s great for wearing during at times of winter, or for fun!   For those whom have the fighting princess Leia in you for wearing this hat during winter, this might help comforting of warming up your head during for the up and coming winter times. Instead of wearing the usually beanie, with the hair buns might be great to keep your ears warm also or if you have the warrior Wookie in you this will be great with the Chewbacca plushies hat  or with the Wampa’s nice soft faux fur to cosy your brain,  but least if you have the need to think like  Master Yoda there’s a plushies hat for that too.  With one size it mostly it fits all!

The manufacture is Comic Images which makes other cute plushies wares.

But also can be found at Amazon,  plus also a New Zealand local sci-fi store

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