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Shopping? who doesn’t like going shopping. when you’re on Star Trek online. As I mention in my previous blog where you could go out there in upgrading your ship, but there are other options out there also. With in any given missions or other battle, that you collect items along the way. Some of the items are components, that you’ve collect during a battle in space ,or ground surface away team missions.

Now you’ve wondering what to do with them, well for one some of the components that you’ve earn can be upgrade your star ship, you’re ship personnel another is of you.  During most missions that you’ve collected a lot of items and your inventory is full, like most of the time mine is, no wonder my ship is heavy. There’s other ways of deposing it for credits, such as in selling it, or storing into your bank.

Having a bank isn’t a bad idea, when storing important items when you need it. Just in case either,  you’ve just ran out of energy credits, your inventory is full and needs deposing of into the bank, or you need some items to trade and sell off just to get extra more energy credits. It also comes in handy when you’re in a Guild or Fleet  that you deposit some items into the fleet bank just to help it out or when you decide to withdraw some items out.

Okay, shopping.  when you decide to shop around you may find that you’re on a shopping spree, from gaming experience is not to go to far with shopping, same as real life. Only spend what you really need. otherwise you end up with the same equipment and can’t go onwards too much harden mission, without upgrading your crew and your ship. That goes also when you trying to save and earn upgrading to other vessels  as well.

There are many ways to shop, also many places to shop.  the most common ones are in Starbases, or outposts where you could trade, sell, procure items such as new items of costumes, for you and your crew, also cosmetics change the way of your Avatar to look too after encountering the Tailor.  As you tour around more, you see there are wares for equipments, weapons, medical and other items of use. As you tour further, around you’ll see different species of merchants whom you also could trade and sell items to.  One thing good about this shopping experiences is once that you sold your particular piece of items you could always buy it back, it’s never gone. It remembers what you sold, and later you could buy it back for later purposes.

As to off site shopping in sector space, you may encounter some mechant freighters that you could also trade and sell, but as to being in sector space some items are pretty limited as to being to the shopping experiences on Starbases and outposts.

There’s another store that comes to mind, is the c-store for star trek online where you could purchase other items as well, and seasonally promotions on items, like new uniforms, ships upgrades interior, exterior wise, and other items.  also there’s also another form credits beside energy credits, is the c-store credits, also much require need when purchasing special items.

One ways of increasing earning credits, is go on co-op mission with other gamers, team up, and the rewards will get you rapidly faster, also this will increase you level of game play plus even more shopping along the way. but shop moderately though and save you important items in the bank, when and just in case you might just need them to upgrade. but have fun shopping.

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