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In few days time to the movie release  Transformers three movie tittle “the dark side of the moon”  which is release on this 29 June then to  July the first after it had it an awesome premiere in the beautiful  Russian city Moscow!  This is the thrid installment of the movie gaming related franchises are now coming with gaming prequels story lines so you could become  immerse in the movie yourself in during game play trending.

The  movie depicts on similar situation to Earth as one day our resource is near to depletion, the two side depicts two ideologies on many different ethics layers as both struggle for existences for the production of  Energon there manufactured  life blood which is shown storyline in the second film of the Revenge of the Fallen As Earth in the past is visited many times , yet it is full of resources of many and may become the next mining Cybertronian colony of many, but Earth is protected as it principle constitutional by the Primes. Also this is ( Shia LaBeouf) Sam Witwicky’s story how he plays an integral life in warring sides between the Autobots and the  Decepticons also to as Mikaela Banes (Megan Fox) and Carly Spencer (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley plays an intergral in Sam’s life.

All three games are produce by Activision and can be played on all plaforms consoles.

Transformers the game

TRANSFORMERS – revenge of the fallen

TRANSFORMERS- darkside of the moon- the game

Also wondering when Transformers – the darkside of the moon the movie is out check these dates!

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