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Just notice that I received a push notification of an after shock in Japan, of Honshu, measuring about 6.2 magnitude occurring of East Coast Japan today. I’ve been using two apps in recent just in case it hits here in New Zealand, now down at the South Island, Christchurch had a massive one, and the cleaning up still continues to date, plus the Japanese Earthquake, Tusami comes in mind aswell.

One of those Apps are called Earth Watch, and the Other is Earthquake. Both are iPhone Apps, and when events do occur depending on prefered settings, a push notification alerts you. of the condition of the event that just now occurred.

Earth Watch:

Earth Watch is a reliable App, it written by i.code.devices. It which gives you regular updates on the go as data comes from the USGS feeds. this also show you the map and the USGS data of the incident the time in UTC that it happen, plus the depth, the latitude, longitude coordinates, also gives you Tsunami warnings of the Pacific, Hawaii, Alaska and Indian Ocean. also has you enter the more function screen it gives you more data to work around to such as Tornadoes, Storms and Volcanoes, it give you a watch list of what to watch out for.  Plus the App is free from iTunes aswell!

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The Earthquake App is the one that I’ve pretty much used the most, it gives regular push notifications, off Earthquakes, that occurring around Earth, displaying on using google maps, and pinning the locations of events past, present on different coloured pins, green, purple and also markings depending of other severities of the event.

It’s written by, plus they have other various apps included in their library.

when you look at the listings of the Earthquakes that have happen in the last few days and up to now, there are given colours marking in red for above magnitude five, and yellow for below. as you switch to the other menu displaying the Tsunami, it gives you the map of where the quake’s locational center is, by using information gathered by Pacific Tsunami warning center.

You could change the settings on this App, in mind of setting the minimum magnitude that you what a responds to of an event, the distance from the location, near your or all the way encompassing the Earth.  Either having the earthquakes occurring in the last hour, day, and week. Also it sets to you location of finding yourself.  Also the gather information of using USGS, EMSC, GEOnet, GeoScence Australia, British geological Survey, and the Natural resources Canada.

There’s another feature is the send me earthquakes of prefer scale information, which lightens the mind for the serious ones to know about.  Also it’s let you sleep too by giving you sleeping time settings of when the best time to alert you.

One thing I like about this app, its social media based, you could share it with your friends on Facebook, and on Twitter, so it helps you to alert the ones that you care, friends and followers. i would say this has been one of the best Apps that I’ve used crossing align to Star Walk and Solar Walk.

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