STAR TREK | infinite Space

Just notice this yesterday, as I was reading my news feeds, scrolling down till tittle “Star Trek – Infinite Space” or Star Trek IS for short.  The game feel is some what  like texture on BattleStar Galatica has I notice the simallarites which gameplay is within the Browser by signing up and downloading the Plugin.

In this gameplay which is in it’s beta form, much like Battlestar Galatica, scaling and details quality is the benchmark of the game, Having being a Treker, scaling and details is a must, it’s a Gene Roddenberry must, so that must is brought in my Gameforge whom asked Micheal and Michelle Osuka, whom work on three Star Trek series TNG, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager on the level of detailing.

The in browser game play is a MMO, Massive Mutilplayer Online. You get to chose three sides of the the United Federation of Planets Star Trek universe, in the Bajor and Cardassian systems, pretty much so in the story line.  you get to create you own avatar, also pick you ship of what sides of chossing United Federation of Planets, Klingon Empire, or the Casdassian. Each three sides have there own storyline to mission.  One thing is the Comparsion between the BSG online and Star Trek-Infinite Space, gives you to combat other players online, setting up groups. unlike BSG online which doesn’t.

Having Played Star Trek Online, I would say this is Pretty much a interesting step, of gameplay. in saying this I would presume more games are now trending to this development where it’s more browser base, unless it’s more game intensive pack, where the game would have to be purchase.

Given it’s in Beta Test, there’s a whole lot more coming soon of further expansion of the MMO Game play, plus the game is free unlike where of BSG Online where to advance the next level or upgrades a payment subscription is required, but we’ll see as the game progress through it development.

The gameplay is release on the Summer 2011- Northern Hemisphere.

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