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Having trying out two more apps for the night skies, I’ll say this is a definite must! two of the apps in questions are the Star walk   assisted with another app the Solar walk. Both have won the 2010 Apple Design awards.



Having trying out the Star walk, at first I found it was relative smooth to used, it follow where ever you go base on you location, and when you decide to see the night sky in a different location you could change the geo settings.

when you start you are greeted by a skylive screen of what’s up  in  you geo location dependant on you iPhone GPS. at the moment using it right now, it shows the planet’s time of rise, and setting with the angle of elevation where you can expect to see during the night  sky horizon.

The App, Star walk incorporates many items in the four must apps have, but in even more, it shows up the constellations in the night skies,  it gives you most of  views of Constellations, Solar system, Deep Space, Stars, and Satellites in the night sky. when you in need to have a search of an object it directs you with a cursor to the intend object. also it gives you photos of the day of beautiful stunning astrophotography images taken.

When you zoom in on that particular object, in the stellar field, it shows up the particular detail statistics. One interesting thing to note it has a timeline which you could manipulate the field of view in the night or day sky, whether it’s back, forward, or in just real time. also It comes to show that it does it any direction with using the gyro of the Apple iPhone series, but using it on the iPhone 4 or an ipad will give you a much greater user experience.

In sense of Star Walk App, it’s great, the experience is pleasant. It’s zen like feel gives you controls of knowing, learning more about the night sky humbling.  

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Solar walk

I began using this app right after when I’ve start using Star walk, finding it very useful at night, and as a quick reference to  all the nine planets of the Solar System, yes that includes Pluto! The experience of using the app is amazing, it gives you the selection of selecting what type of planets that you like to visit, and give you real-time, or timeline back or forward in time to see a different position in time.

When selecting you Planet it, show up with the general  details, it’s mass, dimensions, whom has been visiting it,  plus its inner self, yes you’ll get to see the planet’s inner.  One thing like is the way how you could manipulate the directions viewing positions, by pitching, rotating around, and seeing the best view around.

When you get to used both Solar Walk, and Star walk  they work side by side.

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