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On the day of Christchurch Earthquake, Twenty second of February 2011AD, it struck me when I was checking my text messages and one of them read on the description that all the ambulances have flight towards Christchurch. One of the many items that never fault, is the usage of Social media, when the traditional communications goes offline. one of the most important news feeds is real-time news results such as the results of one of many social media networks that kicks in one  of being such as Twitter.

The damage to #Christchurch is major on the scale that it was a major shallow Earthquake, it was at six Kilometers deep, on the Richter scale of 6.3, following by multiples of aftershocks. at  a time where mostly everyone was at lunch, off those aftershocks still continue to this date.

Hashtags #EQNZ #CHCH  #Christchurch are now a  common Twitter search parameters in searching for real-time results. The following hashtags have now transform the twitter social media New Zealand landscape for a very long time to come. It immortalised the event to get real-time information events live.

When news came to hand , television media  throughout New Zealand Media, went frantically understanding the situation on hand, of the multiples layers of what’s, when’s, where’s, why’s who’s, what’s, and how’s. News of the Earthquake it went virally globally, Social media networks,  plays a major part in gathering real-time information to understanding the investigative  five W’s!

At that time most of the New Zealand News Media websites Such as TVNZ.CO.NZ,  3NEWS.CO.NZ also the New Zealand Herald, added the #chch Earthquake live tweets widget, within the front page of their website, which shows up real-time as each people’s  tweeting useful generous information in times for help.

One good thing hash tags creates real-time information where to source from to find assistances in a crisis situation like this.

Also two please wear the colour red,  the supporting colours of the  people of #Christchurch.

VIA TWITTER: http://twitter.com/search?q=%23eqnz

For more information to help, donate to rescue and recovery of its citizens of Christchurch.

Via TVNZ.CO.NZ Television New Zealand http://tvnz.co.nz/national-news/quake-advice-hotline-set-up-4038303

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