I came out watching the original Battlestar Galatica in the 1980’s, it has it moments, but then I’ve since back then being watch re-runs of the original series of Star Trek.

There’s been numberous games regarding to this genre, but one is recent, Battlestar Galatica online, at the moment it’s on beta. Previous several months ago I was online with another  MMO ( Massive Multiplayer online), Star Trek online. I’ve played  game online mostly on the Star Trek genre, Star Trek elite force, Star Trek Bridge Commander, also mostly of the star wars genre also too.

The game is produce by BigPoint.com, plus they also do other games genre aswell.


I would say this isn’t to bad, there’s no software to purchase, where you download a game plug-in where you play within the browser. you sign up, create your avatar chosing between which sides you partake in, Cyclon or Human. In this case I’ve chosen Human.

When you enter the thearter, you set few decades after the last episode  of Caprica, when they left off, when the STO (solders of the one ) Cult have made there hallmarks in the thirteen tribe.  The battle is looking grim for the Humans, the Cyclons are fighting over for resources to build for even more various of  defense, same with the Humans.

After chosing Human, you set out be train in Viper just to get the basics right, flying , by Starbuck herself.  Once you mastered the basics of flying the viper, either you could explore your surroundings, and then you may dock with the Battlestar Galatica  BSG 75.

There’s one thing that I’ve found out in this game, or thought it’s in Beta, it’s a MMO. That means you have to earn cash, find items to trade exchange for currently of types to get parts, upgrades for your Viper. and when you need the extra credits to get more upgrades, there’s credit card payments as well, pretty much like Star trek online. Either of having time cards, or paying credit for more time. When you do get more credit you get to exchange for a large vessel progression wise with more fire power.   In this case  I gather taking it slowly earning credit as I go along.

At first when you’re in, you tend to find a fight, which is not the best thing to do, but been curious does that, or go in explore. In this case I explore, then some how that the fight will find you.  

At the moment I’m in the Alpha Ceti sector, with the BSG 75 fleet,  Just dock with the Galatica, and exploring my surroundings. the Hanger bay looks great, spacious, but you could interact with the characters of asking questions and they give you suggestions in return.

At the moment I’m current exploring the Galatica, onwards to the bridge and awaiting orders from Commander Adama. and let you guys know in the next episode what coming up in the next log.

“So say we all.  ” to be continued………..

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