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This is one of the MMO’s | Massive Multiplayer Online I’ve just got back into, after several months of not playing online in the trek universe. Coming back to it feels like twenty years have passed, after downloading a massive patch upgrade, and including the Foundry which you could create and share your adventures with the others which makes the game even more interesting.

One good thing is that even though it’s been several months ago, after re subscribing, it places me in back in the same mission assignment where I’ve left off.

At first when started it gives you a moderate short duration of time where you could trail it out of thirty days game time, after that it’s either getting time cards or subscribing time. After then it’s onwards sorting out you details online then creating you avatar, once done delicately first. Once done, you get to go on away mission to defend a starship in which is the training you get to do to familiar your self with the surroundings.

At first you’ll get a few orders of what do, primary it’s defend the ship which has being Borg infested. You’ll go Fighting the fight, of just using a hand-held Phaser Pistol, tricorder, and go fight the fight, go saving your crew mates and collecting items on the way and sell, trade, and exchange later on get any further upgrades. Later on you’ll get you first officer, whom you have to decide and customised them, then later its your first ship, at first I though you could pick any class of ships in the fleet, but as a Ensign that’s not the case. Like most of MMO’s you have to work, earn your items from the ground up. Star Trek Bridge Commander where you could pick and choose the class that you favour the most.

Within Star Trek Online MMO there are various upgrades where you could upgrade you ship has each passing successive rank is place, by mission earned, where you collect items along the way either in battle, or analyzing some items along the way. It a bit like WOW | War Of Warcraft, where you could group up and team up with a team, or knowing with a Guild to get co-operative shared scores and items along the way, and also they will help you out also with gaming hints.

Best thing is to know you hot keys, on you keyboard and the layout of you HUD | Heads Up Display plus you could modified the layout of HUD , this in mind will give you a definite advantage over the others, and onwards later will increase your skills as I found out after getting back, now I’m combatting like I’m still on Star Trek Bridge Commander.

Given this in mind is to get to know your crew what they can do and what they need to be nurture on, there’s a officers career chart which show the progression of each rank earned. with each skill up, there’s also a much larger class of ship earned to command .

First chronicle.

When I started out, it was exploration to see how this MMO would work, it seems back in the days late nights in the mornings of gaming Dungeons and Dragons the old school. had a few fights with the Klingon, ambushed with Klingon Birds of Prey, and combatting with much larger vessels, getting spawning at most of the time and this goes with away missions too, this was a learning situation also figuring, learning out the certain ways of creating an advantage. also you get to help out others whom are in need of help, in some cases helping out could lead the one whom needed help started to ditch you and left them with theirs, now your problem, to fight the fight. For larger complex missions, it’s good to team up, to increase your odds, rather than going in as one. another thing is always to read your map, which is given in the package, it’ll stop you from getting lost!

More Chronicles to follow………

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