When your on Facebook, it has a  featured application on your home page naming events on the left partion. The Events app’  lets you received a notifications that your invited into an event, either you’re going say attending, maybe, or not!  and you still thinking for the moment.  One thing about this featured app within Facebook is you could also create your very own events, adding the details and select whether it’s share public, or within your group of listed friends, or the various settings.  one nice thing is that your friends could come along to the fun as well to share experiences in the moment by clicking attending also, sounds very Facebook live.  

In this case I click attending, one that I know the Artist Dylan Storey, and fronting up for a local band Fleur Jack and the Jandals,  hosted by Fleury Weury playing at the Khuja Lounge, in Auckland upper mid Queen street New Zealand, they played on the eighth of April , The lyrics originally grounded raw in soul with a bit of acid truth,  the  music can be describe as Bohemian western Shanghai meets Indie.

like to know more about Dylan Storey and his music also Fleur Jack and the Jandals?

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