BSG ONLINE | Vipers pilot log part one

Starting out, after training by Starbuck and getting to know your environment, your curiosity get the better of you. you explore your surrounds at first you end up with the Galatica fleet, also with the Pegasus as well at Alpha Ceti on the map. When you’re flying out, around the spatial enviroment you notice that not much of action in this sector at the moment, given the sector is well guarded, for quite some time. I gather when you look at the map it’s layer out like chess board the Cylons on the right and the Colonials on the left. Each sector is won or lost depending the outcome of the mining for resources and battling out when resources are needed to win. there’s a cross-bar showing the outcomes of the battle.

When you lost in the field, there’s a hot key N, with this in mind, this shows up you position, the positioning of both the Colonial fleet in Alpha Ceti, Delta Canopis, as for the Cylons it’s 242 Apollo 10, also position at 47 Tartalon. Having in mind of a chessboard the MMO (massive multiplayer online) you could jump from on star system to the next, depending on the availability of fuel credits that you have for starters you have enough to last for few battles, and then ending up needing for more fuel credits by exploring old relics to find and useful debris, and scanning for mineral resources so your side could mine, what ever your side that you decide to take. I’ve chosen Human. One thing at the most is to team up so you could share the earning gains in the battle instead of singularly battling it all out, and finding yourself losing credits which is Cubits/Tylium to repairing and upgrading you viper or Cylon Raider.

One thing in mind when you decide to Jump to another system you find you using fuel credits Tylium, use it in moderate fashion, other wise knowing for a while you’ll get stuck on star system and doing almost the same rounds of chores, this also go for Cubits aswell, when you find or taken an item after the battle, you can exchange for Cubits or Tylium when you see the ship’s engineer. Otherwise there the purchasing for more option subscribing, which give you more Cubits/Tylium to do some serious upgrading or purchases.

“So say we all……..”

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