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Sometimes when you see the moon during the afternoon hours of the day till twilight during the summer season, it has a different glow, the texture is different, it’s more hue with blues skies with the summer seasonings.  

The luna texture is sky baked among with the summer atmosphere, having, plastered surface. when you look through a telescope during daylight, it has a different flavour from the night sky, when view you see the blue-tinted glass sky but even closer it breaks ever so gentle in to the inking of space.  Unlike when taking photographs of the moon during the night sky, the images is smoother, creamy rather than plastered surfaced

This time I’ve used a different photographic equipment, instead of  using the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W180 which I typically used most of the time. This time I decide to experiment on Apple iPhone 4 onto a ten inch Meade LX200 Telescope and the Stardome Auckland Observatory’s 30 inch Zeiss  ,  at first it took sometime to get used to but in the end it’s very impromptu.  I love the touch screen feature which it help with zooming in. its’ very simple to used, plus the HRD which makes the images richer. 

It took some time to get used to, but it work out in the end , by placing the camera lens right next to the lens.  and a lot of patience but in the end it all work out.

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