A Unique place!

This christmas I’ve decide to shop for something different, rather than going shopping at Malls in Auckland. so I’ve decide to shop in the Central city, there this one place where it’s differently unique, it’s on a lane call Vulcan lane! Yes we do have a lane that’s named parallelism the logical race the Vulcan’s. This place it call Cassette Number nine, Cassette No# 9!

It operates, between the hours of lunchtime and to five  in the afternoon. it’s one of the awesome shopping places around town. beside Parnell. When you shop there it’s operated by fashion, and students alike.  Many of them study at local Auckland  universities institutional whom set the fashionably tone on the next upcoming trends. The place has a trendy bohemian  last century 1930’s colonial essences to it, Basically when you walk up the stairs to Cassette, your lock into two temporal references, either you’re in 1930’s or in 2010?

There’s this one stall that’s interesting to know, it’s call CandyRetro, they have this Awesome collection of Retro recycle items, but also freshly handmade wares, there’s this one ware which is a vinyl music disc which is molded crafted into a bowls,  also other hand crafted wares. when you browse through their website you know what I brought. the Cassette supermarket is unique, different and very much so no generic.

If you like something that’s completely different, handcrafted unique, and classically timeless, the Cassette supermarkets are for you!

Cassette number Nine markets Saturday, Vulcan Lane, Auckland Central, Auckland | New Zealand shopping hours between 12 to 5Pm afternoons.

For more information and like to know more : http://www.eventfinder.co.nz/2010/jun/auckland-cbd/cassette-supermarkets




Facebook Candyretro: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Candyretro/104706692922576#!/pages/Candyretro/104706692922576?v=wall/

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