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Planning too join the rebellion against the evil empire of Emperor Palatine. well this game app does allow for you to join the rebellion. This game app is called Star Wars trench run version two it’s by THQ wirless! It’s basically reliving the challenging battles from Episodes four of the Star wars, episodes. Naming ” A new hope”

Have you every wonder?, what was like to play the games that are in the days of dancing the robot dance( thanks to C3PO for creating those awesome dance moves), watching movies and memorable moments on the VCR ( either VHS or BETA )? . There’s this game App that I’m addicted too that brought wonderful memories of being flying through the trenches of the Death Star, trying to voiding the sneaky blaster cannons that awaits you every single moments that you entered into the trenches just try to fire Torpedos into the a small hole, which is a heat venting conduit which leads to the heart of the Death Star’ reactor. also reliving favourite moments, escaping from the Death Star after rescuing Princess Leia, then battling it all out to escape, with that mysterious cargo that the Stromtroopers place by the orders of Darth Vader.

This game allows you to enter in various ships of you choosing from the classic X-Wing, to the infamous wicked modified YT-1300 freighter The millennium Falcon, the classic Tie Fighter, also Vader’s fighter or just your average Y-wing fighter. The game allows you fly in different missions dogfights, trenches, and Han Solo. One night feature that I’ve like is the changablitiy of between first and third person view in flying combat. Some how playing this game app bring back remembering the days of playing it at the arcades, when it was all wire frame, before it was skin and textured.

Playing this requires a little bit more skill, in saying this I use and still to play a lot of Star Wars also that goes for Star Trek PC games in the past both requires Joystick, Keyboarding and Mousing. Playing with the Phone requires a lot of moment and balancing with the wrist movements, that means taking the game a seldom slower than the intense PC gaming, where you just go in into the fight like flying a Viper, and creating nothing but the rain out from Cyclons in Battlestar Galatica. But if there’s a Battlestar Galatica version out there I like to know.

The Star Wars trench run, is great when you need adventuring life out from Tatooine, and will give you workout.

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