Up close with Craters.

Have you ever wonder what the moon would look up a little closer.  Seeing all those marking dark and lighted, during the full Moon, and hopefully not expecting Lycians, werewolf or of course Team Jacob to appear.  Wether that the face of the moon that you’re looking at or making out looking to see if there’s an image of the Easter rabbit  giving away easter eggs.   The moon have been around (about 4.5 billion years ) with us for very long time since the creation of the second Earth that were living on after the collision off two major almost Earth size Planets one called Terra Firma (and the other which I couldn’t put a name on it), then later forming  Earth a much crack one,  aswell the formation of  moon too, but less cracked.

Earth is ever so explain of having earthquakes, silent temper volcanos,  which the collision many so Billion years ago it’s left it quite  pathological plate tectonic crack.  Unlike its warring Brother Mars, is ever constantly building up Volcanos  mountains, like  mounting more armies mount Everest High than it’s Sister Earth having been so left pathological it creates beautifully green,  life for the family could see.

When we think of craters we think of the Moon, which is littered with thousands of them. Craters are dominant impact depression ( natured, man-made ) they come in all sort of sizes. They are made due to the impacts of asteroids or comets that come in the direct path of the Moon.  Once they impacted it forms a crater, a depression, then follow by the remnants of the impacts have impacted slowly again due to the moon’s gravity, much to the same case as  making smaller ones in the process.

One natural defense that Earth can avoid or try to avoid of being struck by an asteroids or comets is the outer gaseous planets in the Sol system. Jupiter, Saturn provide the best cover protection  for this planet. Given to that the two largest ones, Jupiter, Saturn  gravity  them into the  path of  the massive planets, due to the nature of the large gravity excursion of the two it performs.

On Earth we also are littered with them, they range in different sizes, and variants of them.  Many of the variants ranges from Volcanos, to ancient doomsday craters. The ones on Earth are well more hidden due to the  natural elemental erosion of by wind, weathering through time.  Some are hidden cratered on the ocean floors, and some are exposed in the barren field like the ones on Earth. On Earth they are discovered using various means by surveying equipment from  satellites, to taking soil samples which determine its scienitific orgins.

So the next time you decide to trek around Earth you might be in surprise when you see a large depression in the ground……….

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