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Happy Chinese Lunar New Year’s Everyone..

Today it’s the 25th January 2020, in which it’s now the Year of the Rat, in which last year it was the year of the Pig… in which celebrating the Chinese New Year, it’s a family celebratory festivals in which all round the planet Earth it’s considered to be the largest migration movement on earth.. As the Asian Chinese communities returning home to their families…


In which people whom are born into the year of the Rat in which is the first Zodiac Chinese animal in which their personalities traits are which is the first seems to being with wealth and surpluses in also are reliable and live a steady life… with positive industrial diligence ….

On returning home the Crew of the CNSA- China National Space Administration also its partner organisations some decide to stay to maintain the operations of various networks of the CNSA space centers in which some of the staff of the Xian Satellite measurement and control center in which are still currently working on maintaining the operations ……

Taikonauts give you Chinese Lunar New Year blessings in which a few days ago, Taikonauts busily in the north and the south recorded the Chinese New Year blessings, and brought them to our space through the Internet, expressing their imagination for the future and wishes to the people across the country. This Spring Festival, some of them have returned home and reunited, and some still adhere to various parts of the motherland. When they bless us, we also bless them! The year of the rat is here. With the new dawn, let us move forward together!

【西安卫星测控中心新春献映:守护太空 守护你】#除夕# 有这样一群人,他们仰望星空、时刻准备,即便是在万家灯火、阖家团圆之时,也要坚守寂寞与孤独,时刻心系九天之上。他们来自五湖四海,守护着同一片星空。在这同一片星空下,是他们共同的家乡——祖国。为了守护这一片广袤的太空,他们身居斗室…..

[ 航天人给您拜年啦 ]前些天,忙碌在天南地北的航天人录制了新春祝福,并通过网络汇聚到了我们的太空,深情表达对未来的畅想和对全国人民的祝愿。这个春节,他们中有的已经回家团圆,有的还坚守在祖国各地,他们祝福我们的时候,我们也祝福他们!鼠年已到,迎着新的曙光,我们一起前进!


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