#StarTrekOnline #星際迷航在線 #StarTrek | #Shuttlecrafts |#SovereignClass #CaptainYacht your Auxiliary Large Heavy shuttle craft …..

#StarTrekOnline #星際迷航在線 #StarTrek | #Shuttlecrafts |#SovereignClass #Captain Yacht your Auxiliary Large Heavy shuttle craft ….. Photographer @KevinJamesNg

The Sovereign Class USS Enterprise NCC 1701 E, was launched on 30th October 2372, in which having a length of 685.7 meters…  in which was captain by the same crew transitionally from the Galaxy Class USS Enterprise.. In which the next generation of that ship was streamline sleeker, instead of comprising of families among with crew.. It was then not to have families onboard due to arising situations across the quadrants onboard ships… in the Sovereign Class is designed to become more of a explorationally warship..  As seen in during usage of Star Trek Insurrection over the Baku incident of furthering the now alliance with the Roluman Star Empire in over an incident of Nemesis episode.

#StarTrekOnline #星際迷航在線 #StarTrek | #Shuttlecrafts |#SovereignClass #Captain Yacht your Auxiliary Large Heavy shuttle craft ….. Photographer @KevinJamesNg

Across multiple Starship designs, there’s one interesting large Shuttle Craft in which is Known to be the Captain’s Yacht, featuring integrated below the saucer section in the middle is a section where the craft located, one is that of the Sovereign Class Captains Yacht designed as a large Auxiliary Craft..

#StarTrekOnline #星際迷航在線 #StarTrek | #Shuttlecrafts |#SovereignClass #Captain Yacht your Auxiliary Large Heavy shuttle craft ….. Photographer @KevinJamesNg

 In game Star trek Online..   which is design for privilege officers such as captains with long standing servicement online Star Trek online in which you can obtain your Auxiliary shuttle craft at Earth Space Dock or Starbase 39 –Sierra in which a Shuttle Requisition Authorization Token  must be obtain first as part of the 400 days Veteran reward ..

Measuring 33.528 meters in length slight longer than the late 20th century space shuttle program.. With a recessive windshield that would allow to dock snugly behind the Sovereign class protruding torpedo launcher in which the process of docking and undocking proceeds with dropping from its hatch and then the nacelles begins to deploy warp charging, with yacht cleared, of the docking bay and force fields are in placed.. Then the free for piloting nacelles fully deployed….

#StarTrekOnline #星際迷航在線 #StarTrek | #Shuttlecrafts |#SovereignClass #Captain Yacht your Auxiliary Large Heavy shuttle craft ….. Photographer @KevinJamesNg

Designed by Andrew Probert whom an awarding winning Industrial Hollywood designer, whom came up with the initial designs for the designing the Captains Yacht for the Galaxy, Nebula, intrepid, then following with the inspirations for further designs with Rick Sternbach…..

Auxiliary Large Heavy shuttle craft- Sovereign Class Captains Yacht 

Tier: One Vessel

Rank required. Lieutenant

Faction: Starfleet and Starfleet Allies

Hull Level: at a Level One is 6000, level fifty above its 21600

Hull Modifier: .6

Shield Modifier: 0.55

Fore Weapons: Two

Aft Weapons: none

Device Slots: two

Bridge Officer Stations: Universal Shuttle Bridge Station seating

 Console Modifications: One Tactical, One Science, One Engineering

Base Turn Rate: 22

Impulse Modifier: 0.20

Inertia: 100

Abilities: Emergency power to shields

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