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In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, in which given that you’ve been to the CCB-Asia-Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival in which annually in between 25th to 28 October 2018, in which is located in Hong Kong Island Central where the iconic Ferris Wheel located nearby the Star Ferry terminal at Central Harbour Event Space 9 Lung Wo Road Central….. Celebrating Wine and Dine Festival that’s happens every year annually, that brings a collaboration of East meets West merging of international class standing cuisines delighted with food and drinks stalls from acclaimed Hong Kong restaurants, international Chefs, also industry experts.. Celebrating in the iconic Victoria Harbour skyline, featuring with over four hundred booths…

Among that campaign is the Spirit of Hong Kong, in which Cathay Pacific Airways is producing a series that makes Hong Kong Iconic East met West… in which for a Bartenders inspired goal is to owning their own Bar in the company of like mind bartenders… In recently voted “The Old Man” is one of those inspired Bars, voted the world best bars… The Bar is inspired by the writing works of iconic writer Ernest Hemingway…… Located at № 37 Aberdeen Street, Central.
Soho, Central, Hong Kong

Founded among with Head Bartender Agung Prabowo, in which he uses his Cocktail experiences that he previous work in creating an Ernest Hemingway inspired. Concept Bar in which located in Hong Kong Soho District… the Concept Bar inspired by works of Ernest Hemingway’s Novel “The Old Man and the Sea” the hidden messages within Ernest Hemingway works is never give up.. also Ernest’s works are inspired by exotic cocktails..  in which Agung Prabowo, and his three co-founders are inspired by his works, also always talk about owning their own bar in which they used to perform beverage arts in the Hong Kong Landmark Mandarin Oriental.. in which the trio keeps talking about owning their own bar so why not work together and working hard towards that actual Dream.

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