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In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, in which given that you’ve been to the CCB-Asia-Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival in which annually in between 25th to 28 October 2018, in which is located in Hong Kong Island Central where the iconic Ferris Wheel located nearby the Star Ferry terminal at Central Harbour Event Space 9 Lung Wo Road Central….. Celebrating Wine and Dine Festival that’s happens every year annually, that brings a collaboration of East meets West merging of international class standing cuisines delighted with food and drinks stalls from acclaimed Hong Kong restaurants, international Chefs, also industry experts.. Celebrating in the iconic Victoria Harbour skyline, featuring with over four hundred booths…

Among that campaign is the Spirit of Hong Kong, in which Cathay Pacific Airways is producing a series that makes Hong Kong Iconic East met West… in which for a Bartenders inspired goal is to owning their own Bar in the company of like mind bartenders… In recently voted “The Old Man” is one of those inspired Bars, voted the world best bars… The Bar is inspired by the writing works of iconic writer Ernest Hemingway…… Located at № 37 Aberdeen Street, Central.
Soho, Central, Hong Kong

Founded among with Head Bartender Agung Prabowo, in which he uses his Cocktail experiences that he previous work in creating an Ernest Hemingway inspired. Concept Bar in which located in Hong Kong Soho District… the Concept Bar inspired by works of Ernest Hemingway’s Novel “The Old Man and the Sea” the hidden messages within Ernest Hemingway works is never give up.. also Ernest’s works are inspired by exotic cocktails..  in which Agung Prabowo, and his three co-founders are inspired by his works, also always talk about owning their own bar in which they used to perform beverage arts in the Hong Kong Landmark Mandarin Oriental.. in which the trio keeps talking about owning their own bar so why not work together and working hard towards that actual Dream.

#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #DiscoverHongKong #香港 | #PMQ #DeTour2018 – #Trail&Error Show casing of #HongKong #CreativeFestival innovative emerging Creative Talents..


In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, Show Casing  Hong Kong’s Innovative emerging creative Talents at 35號 Aberdeen Street central Hong Kong,  PMQ startup and creative hub in which located in the heart  centrally in Hong Kong..   Featuring Young emerging creative innovative ideas, concepts form Hong Kong Creatives in which Detour series premise is to working collaboratively together in exchanging challenging ideas. In which the programme starts out in with free admission in which DeTour is in between 30th November to ninth December 2018.. Opening in between eleven in the Hong Kong morning towards the eight in the evening…  In which is describe one of the most exciting events in Hong Kong Cultural events throughout the year.

The Tenth series of Detour, has an exploratory theme and premise, Trial and Error, in which to find various ways in challenging creativity to achieving through various ways of trails and error in your findings in achieving the rewarding end results, and learning from those results..

Throughout the process, DeTour allows every year in the series, every episode dives deeper into the creative, thinking, innovation processes of creating of various Artworks on so many design genres… in which also what the artist in mind’s thought process is going though.. as many of the workshops, design seminars uncover original thought though to that innovative  experimentation with public audiences insights on what makes a good design..

 Detour 2018, in PMQ is Sponsored by PMQ, as the place of the events, with Hong Kong Design Center, with Create Hong Kong, with Business of Design week..

#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #DiscoverHongKong #香港 |#2018 #HeritageVogue #HollywoodRoad – Street Carnival partying with workshops and street exhibitions…

In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong on 4th November 2018 Hollywood Road in which is in located in newly trendy setting fashionable Sheung Wan- Central district in which set to be partying up with a Hollywood Road Street Carnival with public free admission with numerous artistic series of workshops, exhibitions with performances that reflects the rich cultural neighbourhood history of Sheung Wan also its city Hong Kong.. Also the Richness history of Hollywood Road towards its present…  in which starting out 1200 hours towards 2030 hours Hong Kong Time… From Wyndham Street to Aberdeen street in between from Tai Kwun and PMQ.. in with its key historical buildings as its way points  from Tai Kwun, PMQ, Man Mo Temple Compound..  In which you find nearby Yi-Ming in which is internationally acclaimed for its innovative iconic Qipao- Cheongsams…. On 50A Tung Street Sheung Wan…

The event is organised by the Hong Kong Government’s Commissioner for the Heritage’s Office... in which is department of the government is conservation and Revitalize of the heritage of Hong Kong…  in which during past events of the of the Hollywood Road Street Carnival it attracted over fifty six thousand visitors.. Among with over twenty exhibitors with always memorable cultural experiences that you can reflect back too with Nostalgic photography back lots of the past.. with over ten performances….

香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong- Adventuring without #TARDIS | #HongKong – Central- A man made canyons of oriental towering Canyons- A Gallery

Hong Kong Central -中環-  is located in the very center of Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong.. in which is more boarded into the western District of Hong Kong Island..  it is greatly opposite to the Central business area of Tsim Sha Tsui  across the Victoria Harbour- in its previous name of the district was formerly named Victoria City that naming of Central hasn’t been used, or it’s been rarely utilized for name..

Within the Central, it’s one of the many cores cities that within Hong Kong Region..  as existing today is still the main focus area for international First Class for Multi Nationals finances – technologies Corporations- also the many countries consulates also a massive networks of arrays of  Malls every level   to be located within that district… Central’s landscape is like the in Mainland China’s Grand Canyon in the Hubei Province in where organically through time the Hubei’s Canyon landscape carved out by wind ice into towering mountains landscape like in throughout Hong Kong Landscape in which is replaced with the Concrete, metal steel glass towering buildings within a tropical forest that surrounds Hong Kong Also the mountainous areas of New Territories…….


Central in Hong Kong, is also was developed by the People of Hong Kong, also from the day from the day of British arrived developing Central on Kowloon Peninsula in which Central could be knowingly extended outwardly towards Sheung Wan, Aberdeen Street –Wing Kut Street with Admiralty.. After 1997 during the handover the People of Hong Kong made the region stronger with long term planning in which Hong Kong Has gone through strength to strength more. As that strength in long term planning translated in the succession of continuous buildings- construction developments that played turn Hong Kong region’s building towering landscape that it’ll always keeping itself already always in tomorrow…

When I look at every individual building, also every single street in Hong Kong,  this case in Central each of its own has its own story to tell, in which its individual design has lot of to say about its functionally how it reacts to the street environment organically, in which that organically component is Feng Shui- wind- water.. Also within that Feng Shui component each building is design according to street layout in which given way of giving them more flow of good energy in some cases like other designs try to absorb that good energy also deflect negative energy… in which the street way orientated to that manner in which that…every street town planning has a it’s Feng Shui elements..

canyons of towering mountains with ever changing oriental night time lantern skyline..

Changes towards the night its view is always constantly changing throughout from the morning towards the later in the night with its neonic towering city landscape, the Symphony of Lights which begins at 2000 Hours Hong Kong Time every night… in which it lights up from Wan Chi towards the Central, in which most of the building neonic with a symphony light show in between Tsim Sha Tsui……