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In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, Discover Hong Kong in collaboration with Time Out Hong Kong have these intriguing adventures around Hong Kong, in which each street, neighbourhood  has its own story to tell historically with the present residing with that constantly written pages as each day unfold..

One district of Hong Kong in which is iconic for its collection of hard to finds items in which is in a region district within Kowloon in which is north western part of the Kowloon district name…  A historical vibrant neighbourhood Sham Shui Po translated as Deep Water Pier.. is a place in which you may find interesting relics form history transcending into being reused, recycled resold in street markets in which Sham Shui Po has been known for with among with iconic street marts colourful street markets stalls.. among the street markets it’s also where heart of Hong Kong’s Fashion starts from with fabrics, textiles assortments stalls where well know Hong Kong Fashion Designers started there seamstress , tailorship from……even though Shan Shui Po is a well less neighbour it’s richness lies with the people of Sham Shui Po..

As this one story when one part of a couple prepares to travel abroad, in which they had a recent they had a disagreement in which it started off a broken camera in which he in which before they travel they begin to pack for the journey ahead.. In which she is under ways of last minute packing for her flight… But rumbling through her drawers she can’t seem to find her passport in which she found this strange map in which leads to certain scavenger hunts in the neighbourhoods of Sham Shui Po.. In which sparks recollection of memorable romantic moments in between each other in which from one memorable moments recollect clues towards the next… in which leading towards the find place in a vintage camera shop in the moments before sunset, the clue was he meeting her in that shop with her passport also a replacement camera that he broke..

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