#CNSA China National Space Administration |#BeltAndRoadinitiative – #LongMarch4B Carrier Rocket launches the #Gaofen11 high advanced remote sensing satellite for Earth Sciences..

CNSA – China National Space Administration – successfully launched a Long March 4B series Carrier Rocket for Earth Sciences- Gaofen eleven

On a very summery northern China Tuesday,  31st July 2018, the eve day before August 2018, CNSA – China National Space Administration have successfully launched a very reliable Long March 4B series Carrier Rocket from one of many CNSA’s Space Launch Complexes in which its Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in Northern China’s Shanxi Province..

The 282nd flight of Launching from the Carrier Rocket, The Long March 4B, the three stages Long March launched at 1100 hours Beijing or Hong Kong Time.. Launched from Space launched Complex nine.. From the Taiyuan Satellite launch Center launching the Gaofen11 satellite into sun synchronous polar orbit by those powerful mightily four YF-20B engines..  in which provide flight time in between ten to twenty minutes.. as it making its way to delivery to position Gaofen11 satellite..


CNSA China National Space Administration – launching the Gaofen eleven Earth Sciences Satellite providing support to the Belt And Road initiative….

The Gaofen11 manufacturer is CAST – China Academy of Space Technology also in collaboration with its associate agency with CHEOS- China High Resolution Earth Observation System in which is design Built on a CAST 2000 Design Heritage Earth Sciences, in which is design for Translating Gaofen is High Resolution, also known as CHEOS- China High Resolution Earth Observation System, in which provisions in the real time observational data analysis of with high resolution multi spectra equipment imaging system in analysis for assessing environmental disaster warning, emergency response also for the protection for ecological, also providing support for infrastructure construction, transportation for various purpose of the Belt And Road initiative  …….

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