#SpaceX #FalconNine | #PAZ Mission three satellites within one carrier – a non-traditional launching providing an experimentally internet satellite- Highlights


On 22nd February 2018- Thursday early beautiful clear mid-morning California like that CW series The OC……….. SpaceX  launched Spanish Satellite naming the Airbus Hisdesat’s PAZ, on a clear Thursday morning awaiting for the first attempt seven days ago in which there was issues that arise in which didn’t mean launch criteria conditions in which on the 21st the weather conditions didn’t met launch criteria with strong upper winds in which the 22nd was an instant go for launch on SLC-4E- Space Launch Complex 4 East at Vandenberg Air force Base, launching at 0617 in the California Morning…..in which this launch is a non-conventional SpaceX launch meaning they won’t recover any of the first stage in which previously landed for the FORMOSAT Five Mission in the August 2017 launch from the very same launch complex SLC-4E….

SpaceX Falcon Nine awaits with three payloads one provided by Airbus Hisdesat’s PAZ,

Launching, commentary is provided by Tom Praderio, Firmware Engineer from SpaceX whom provided the launch commentary of the PAZ-Peace Satellite also the two test SpaceX payloads in providing provisionments of affordable internet communications with at affordability … In which the primary payload Hisdesat’s Airbus PAZ will be placed in Sun Synchronised- low earth equatorial orbit in where share the same orbit with two others TerraSAR-X also TanDem X Satellites.. at 514 Kilometers with Seven Kilometer per second velocity with an scanning coverage of three hundred thousand square Kilometers..  PAZ is a high end weather satellite in which provides high end imagining of 25cm resolution… given its orbit it can operated in regardless of meteorological conditions that’s given..  PAZ has an operations full life cycle of five and half years serving in between governmental and commercial requirements also it part of Copernicus, the European Union’s Earth monitoring programme.…. Orthough the second SpaceX payload deployed as PAZ is deployed it’s out of range of live streaming the telemetry of its deployment as the live stream of the launch was only a unusually short one.

#SpaceX #FalconNine | #PAZ Mission three satellites within one carrier – a non-traditional launching providing an experimentally internet satellite as fired up int to a Sun Synchronized- low earth equatorial orbit…

Orthough the launch is a non-conventional one, that I will not be landing as a reusable,  in which a recovery ship is underway to recover with its custom made capturing net to see if they could net the deployed nose flaring … in which they almost did..

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