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Prelude to the making of the Air New Zealand’s inflight safety video, in which some are iconic presently like the Lord of Rings and Hobbit Trilogies in more past recent with Hollywood cinematic with Rhys Darby and Anna Faris which are Cherishingly memorable ones with the two flight attendants in which one is that of with local cast community members whom brings out the stories of New Zealanders as you meet as you travel around the country or world unexpectingly in which the Songstress Gin Wigmore portrays that emotional connection  #WhereToNext  “Tomorrow”  ………….

In up a coming towards that prelude is up and coming introduction to that inflight safety video, is United Nations Environmentalist Ambassador, Actor-Director-Environmentalist Adrian Grenier,  he’s also a co-founder of Lonely Whale clean ocean a Non-profit organisation that archives documentation of environmental concerns , also television wise known as Vincent Chase from the Television series Entourage…… Adrian Gears up, learns from Scott Base in Antarctica in which documents in bring awareness to Climate Change-Global warming… In which is ever changing as this planet Earth that we live on as what multiple impacts that the Humans…. As part of the awareness, Scott Base Scientist and Air New Zealand also points out those what impacts on the planet Earth in regarding to Climate Change-Global warming process in which how we also have a role to action to reduce that change or to slow the process down… in which the new Air New Zealand Antarctic theme safety video would be release on March 2018..with a more educational awareness as it fits Air New Zealand’s Science community outreach program..

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