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來讓我跟你走 | Let me go with you

In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong… you may recently notice that you’ve received a recent update on you Hong Kong MTR app #FASTEXIT… There are several updates within the core MTR app itself in which there are additional extras to adding onto apps ….Fast Exit is finding that route fast in which acts like your Train Trip Planner, in which you select the destinations in mind from using your location in which it locates your primary location which finds the best route using various landmarks, or exits to your various points of destinations… in which it specifies which car to take, car number which door number for boarding to reach your place of destination rapidly…….it’s innovative feature within the core MTR app shows the best route to travel with time efficiency in mind for your, in way it directs you the route of the MTR train travel in with the destination stop the exits gate that you need to take so you can arrive to your destination street, location so you never get lost ..  In which this very cute soon to be couple relationship is about to happen..


你這剎那在何方 | Where’s your moment..

As for the other there are special discount offering, also exclusive incoming events within the app, in which you have sign up for, in which you have to verify your application with your nearest MTR station once you sign up after the online application for the MTR Club... In this case #InStationFinder  In which the discounts can be used throughout various numerous MTR mall stores along the network, in which at the same time you’ll gain bonus points along the way… In which the additional App- Shop finder helps you find what shopping requirements also which helps you with directions to that store  also show you different platforms, facilities in this case this these couple finding each other in Admiralty station ,  that you have in mind, also helps you find that particular someone maybe..

Also you can used the function as to share your location with your friends on various socials for a meet up also helps you find your friends also… as to there are hourly daily rewards within the MTR Malls too as you find Kee Gor –Get Rewards with prizes…….

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