#CathayPacific #國泰航空公司 #OCTOBER2021 |#國泰航空  #MoveBeyond Shop With #CathayPopUnStore #PacificPlace #HongKong launching its All new #OnlineShopping #Lifestyle curated rewarding coming to life….

Cathay Pacific國泰航空公司the world’s leading airliner…. Introducing Cathay Pacific Airways newest Leading Pop Up Store – Cathay Pacific in which Cathay Pacific is celebrating the launch of its new online shopping platform with a pop-up of curated lifestyle products at Pacific Place. From now until 31 October 2021, experience exclusive shopping offers, interactive games, giveaways including Asia Miles and more…..

In which Cathay is excited to introduce a new online shopping experience to its customers that enables them to elevate their lifestyle with a selection of carefully curated items and earn rewards along the way. .. Located at L1, 100A 88 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong SAR- China – People’s Republic of China.. Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 11:00 am – 9:00 pm

The new shopping platform is the fastest way to earn miles from online shopping, meaning customers can easily collect miles for their next staycation, much-desired purchase, dining experience and more. Customers can shop anytime, anywhere, and can even pay with Miles Plus Cash……..To mark the introduction of its new shopping experience, Cathay is holding a pop-up event for customers at Pacific Place shopping mall in Hong Kong from 22-31 October. With 20% off for the well-curated products on display and 20,000 miles as a prize to the top spender each day. What’s more? Share this event on your Instagram and mention your favourite product to receive a gift token and get the chance to win the product of your choice. With “Terms and conditions apply”.


Images and visuals are of Cathay Pacific Airways

#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #HongKong #香港 |#海港城 #HarbourCity #HCXmas – Featuring and celebrating Christmas Treasures 2018 also for a charitable cause…

The “Secret Garden” it’s the largest Video Kaleidoscope celebrating Christmas..

In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, during the few weeks that leading towards counting down the toward the Christmas season 2018…. Happening right now in between sixteenth November 2018 towards first of January 2019.. before then In which recently the last fortnight there was some construction going on in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon in which is located in Canton Road, at the main entrance at Harbour City there was a massive black construction canvas surrounding the main entrance it’s revealed it’s the massive new Christmas Treasures display that’s under construction in the last two weeks revealing with its contemporary festive interactive displays in which you can share timeless photographic moments together with you love one, with fun with friends or family.. With its Christmas photo booth… in which some of the admission towards the exhibits are for a good cause for “Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation” also with “Make a Wish Hong Kong ”

Featuring a festive music light show… with least than twenty meters in length with a forty meter long Christmas Bridge with Original Festive music Light shows celebrating Christmas all around to lighten things up is the two hundred thousand LED lighting that’s leading towards the lobby entrance of Harbour city, with a Christmas Bridge tall Christmas trees with arrangements of Original musical score toward the festive romantic mood with a backdrop of the a multimedia arrangement that set the mood of vibrancy of Harbour City found at Ocean Terminal forecourt…. In between 1800 to 2000 Hours Hong Kong time…

Among that you can meet Santa Claus with a Meet and Greet, with his company of his assistants… With an instant photo with him, you and your company under the Tall Christmas tree… You can find him at the Harbour City- Ocean Terminal Forecourt between 1930 towards 2100 hours Hong Kong Time…  among the same spot that Santa Claus Meets and Greets you is the Marching Band Spectacle is also the Award winning marching group “The Pegasus Vanguard” home grown Hong Kong performing on most evenings in between 1800 and 1900 hours, between 1,2, 15, 22, towards the 23rd of December 2018..


Among with the “Secret Garden” it’s the largest Video Kaleidoscope in which, measuring sixteen meters long, four point five meters high and wide.. Walking together surrounding you with in a surreal Christmas Snowflakes, starry lightnings in a rainbow tunnel in which make a selfies  in with a friendly photo booth among that you can make a donation to The Hong Kong Blood Center” as a method of admission of fifty Hong Kong Dollars.. opens Hong Kong time noon towards nine at evenings.. in which is located in the level three, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City.. nearby OT Ralph Lauren..

“Love Lock For Charity” for make a wish – Hong Kong

Other featured activities is the “Love Lock For Charity” in which  in which couples, you single, or customers can chose their favourite colour lock in which doesn’t comes with key to unlock later… In which you can write on it with wishes you had in mind with a donation of twenty Hong Kong Dollars.. Locking your heart shape padlock between the hours of Hong Kong Noon towards nine in the evening at the Harbour City Ocean Terminal Forecourt…

“Print it yourself Festive Postcard” also sending that special postcard to your love ones..

One other featured, is the “Print it yourself Festive Postcard” in which you can make your own customed postcard, with your love one and you, or just you, with your family, friends joining in the fun in printing out your customed made postcards with the messages, sending it towards your intend recipient…. Only twenty Hong Kong Dollars, at the Harbour City- Ocean Terminal Forecourt from noon toward evening nine  …  also you can instantly print out you postcard, in which also Instagraming postcard printing by follow the required prescription..

香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong |#HongKong #MTR #FastExit #InStationFinder – Let me go with you – Where is your moments-

來讓我跟你走 | Let me go with you

In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong… you may recently notice that you’ve received a recent update on you Hong Kong MTR app #FASTEXIT… There are several updates within the core MTR app itself in which there are additional extras to adding onto apps ….Fast Exit is finding that route fast in which acts like your Train Trip Planner, in which you select the destinations in mind from using your location in which it locates your primary location which finds the best route using various landmarks, or exits to your various points of destinations… in which it specifies which car to take, car number which door number for boarding to reach your place of destination rapidly…….it’s innovative feature within the core MTR app shows the best route to travel with time efficiency in mind for your, in way it directs you the route of the MTR train travel in with the destination stop the exits gate that you need to take so you can arrive to your destination street, location so you never get lost ..  In which this very cute soon to be couple relationship is about to happen..


你這剎那在何方 | Where’s your moment..

As for the other there are special discount offering, also exclusive incoming events within the app, in which you have sign up for, in which you have to verify your application with your nearest MTR station once you sign up after the online application for the MTR Club... In this case #InStationFinder  In which the discounts can be used throughout various numerous MTR mall stores along the network, in which at the same time you’ll gain bonus points along the way… In which the additional App- Shop finder helps you find what shopping requirements also which helps you with directions to that store  also show you different platforms, facilities in this case this these couple finding each other in Admiralty station ,  that you have in mind, also helps you find that particular someone maybe..

Also you can used the function as to share your location with your friends on various socials for a meet up also helps you find your friends also… as to there are hourly daily rewards within the MTR Malls too as you find Kee Gor –Get Rewards with prizes…….

香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong – Adventuring without a #TARDIS | Tsim Sha Tsui – Canton Road – Daylight, Sunset to- Evening – A Gallery

CANTON  ROAD sits in between next to Kowloon Park Drive also next to Kowloon Park in the Tsim Sha Tsui  Area in which is a which is a major Roading network  that interconnects with the reclamation land of West Kowloon, of Tsim Sha Tsui, Jordan,  Yau Ma Tei Also Mong Kok on the Kowloon area of Hong Kong -New Territories …..

Walking pass the bridge every morning for the duration, also for the duration more, for that the bridge along the Gateway road in away from Kowloon park in which that connects from Austin road.. Formerly named the MacDonnell Road after there was a massive slight confusion with another road already named on Hong Kong Island… In which renamed on 1909 to Canton Road to align with some city, province names in Mainland China to avoided any other further confusion down the process.. …

Looking down the Southern Tsim Sha Tsui Part of Canton road as walking to and from China Ferry Terminal building in which is situated at 33 Canton Road…   you can see abundances of life that are within the  Malls, shops, hotels, commercial also apartment complexes with life throughout the day onwards to night of various sorts of sizes that during as I walked midway on that pedestrian Bridge during the day also night looking down wards towards Tsim Sha Tsui towards the Hong Kong Culture Center across the Victoria Harbour towards Hong Kong Island… in commonly looking at the Wan Chai Central Plaza…..

As evening fall to night Canton Road takes on a different life with the essences of life of the day working as people working hard later in the night with passion in their work..

Walking midway of the Pedestrian Bridge in which was a location shot for few Hong Kong TVB Television series “Law and Disorder’ a interesting Lawyer premise series with interesting office politics also the family whom founded it… I could see the whole section in various part of Canton Road downward where there an Apple Store… In which there are six places around in Hong Kong… Canton Road happens to be one of smaller ones compare to the IFC Building one in Central on Hong Kong Island… among this road it was used early this year for the Chinese New Year events in which Cathy Pacific sponsored in having an after parade party… but the interesting view is seeing feeling the history how that section of road was develop over the few past hundreds years also I could stand and watch the people below as the daily stories unfold on either side of the bridge with the traffic moment of people going along their daily business with the transportation that’s  along the ….

Even though looking at the buildings that are recently new there is some interesting heritage building complexes that had an incarnation of life to them with a different servicing of needs… in which walking down on Canton road is totally walkable downwards the Hong Kong Culture Center…with timeless views that  I can never forget