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Cathay Pacific國泰航空公司the world’s leading airliner …..In during  the year of the Rat the Chinese Zodiac During the year  2020, when Cathay Dragon, Cathay Pacific’s subsidiary, got closed down because of the covid-19 pandemic, Cathay Pacific took up Cathay Dragon’s 16 Airbus 321neo orders and most of her route in which previously DragonAir towards Cathay Dragon.. During that year the All new Airbus A321neo’s have been revamped to the Cathay Pacific’s livery colours innovationally with introducing enhanced measures across every stage of the journey – from check-in to the cabin – so you can take off with confidence… in which introducing its brand new Airbus A321Neo or the A32Q in reimagination of the world’s most enjoyable short haul experience.. Featuring all new enhance comfort and privacy..  With introduction of the World’s leading 4K Ultra HD monitors and Content integrating that multipurpose entertainment systems is Bluetooth audio streaming..  As for more storage spacing increasing sixty percent more storage space…  As for green engines with twenty two percent less carbon emissions per seat…  In providing the thrill of travel heightens the moment you set foot on a plane. Our new Airbus A321neo aircraft redefines air travel, providing passengers with the world’s most enjoyable short-haul experience. Watch the video and discover how we make it happen. Get set for take-off…..

Via Marco Polo Club Flyer – Relishing the Air Travel Experience.

This is Ken and thank you for watching my Flight Review. Cathay Pacific, same as Singapore Airline, has always been a wide-body jet-only carrier for the past several decades. In 2020, when Cathay Dragon, Cathay Pacific’s subsidiary, got closed down because of the covid-19 pandemic, Cathay Pacific took up Cathay Dragon’s 16 Airbus 321neo orders and most of her routes.

In today’s flight review, we would be savoring the 2-hour air travel experience onboard Cathay Pacific’s first Airbus 321neo from Hong Kong to Bangkok in Business Class, unveiling the Hong Kong Flag carrier’s latest regional Business Class product.

1. You’ll be flying in a new, improved plane

The A321neos are the most modern aircraft in the Airbus A320 family. This narrow-body, two-class aircraft sets new standards in comfort and technology, making regional travel as good as it gets. Six new planes will be joining Cathay Pacific’s fleet this year – and there are another 10 in the pipeline. More space, enhanced comfort, extraordinary entertainment features and an eco-friendly design: the new A321neo offers the best short-haul experience in the world – and it’s also kinder to the environment. Here are 8 reasons why you’ll love your next flight.

2. They’re environmentally efficient

Our new A321neos are some of the most fuel-efficient aircraft in the sky, thanks to their CFM International LEAP-1A engines and their fuel-saving Sharklet wingtips (emblazoned, of course, with the iconic Cathay Pacific brushwing design). These features translate to a 22 per cent lower fuel burn per seat – or 5,000 tonnes less CO2 per year – as well as a 50 per cent reduction in noise for both passengers and at airports…

Improved efficiency

Thanks to their elegant winglets and advanced LEAP engines, our Airbus A321neo aircraft are more efficient than ever, delivering a 22 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions per seat and a 55 per cent reduction in NOx emissions when compared to the previous A321.

They’re quieter too, creating almost 15 per cent less noise than existing aircraft. This means a more comfortable experience for you – and makes us a better neighbour, in the skies and on the ground.

3. You’ll fly in true comfort

Custom seats are designed to deliver the perfect short-haul experience. In Business, passengers can lounge in cutting-edge recliner seats, with new hard-shell designs and divider screens which offer maximum privacy. Meanwhile, Economy seats feature a generous recline, comfortable seat cushions and new adjustable headrests.

Stretch out at your leisure in the A321neo’s Business cabin. Our cocoon-like recliner seats feature divider screens for maximum privacy. Don our noise-cancelling headphones to browse our extensive media library on a 4K ultra-high-definition 15.6-inch screen.

In the Economy cabin, recline comfortably and enjoy our new adjustable headrests as you take in the latest blockbusters on our 11.6-inch 4K personal TV screen. Personal devices can be charged on easily accessible USB-A and USB-C points. We’ve also added an additional lavatory to the cabin to cut back on those pre-landing queues.

New LED lighting throughout the cabins sets the mood for a calm, laid-back flight.

World’s leading inflight entertainment

We are the first airline in the world to offer 4K ultra-high-definition inflight entertainment screens, featuring 4K on demand and Bluetooth audio streaming across all cabins in our Airbus A321neo. Use your own personal headphones, sit back and watch the latest Hollywood hits, binge full box sets and access the largest collection of Chinese films and subtitles in the skies.

With a refreshed library of games and high-speed Wi-Fi on board, you’ll stay entertained your whole flight.

Headphones pictured are for reference only; please bring your own Bluetooth device to enjoy our new pairing capability.

4. You’ll be able to watch 4K in the skies

Cathay Pacific is the first airline to bring 4K ultra-high-definition screens to every seat on the plane: a large 11.6 inches in Economy, and a mighty 15.6 inches in Business. But that would mean nothing without its vast entertainment library, which is one of the largest in the skies. This includes the largest collection of Chinese movies and subtitles on any airline, plus full box sets, documentaries, music, podcasts, guided meditations and more.

Phenomenal movies, TV and more

Cathay Pacific’s A321neos are the first aircraft to offer a 4K Ultra HD experience throughout the aircraft. ‘A 4K screen is amazing if you buy one for your home,’ says Tremblay-Simard. ‘But 4K on an aircraft means you are so close to the screen that you can’t help but really notice the difference.’

As for what’s on – ‘It’s one thing having the screen, but you have to have the content to go with it,’ says Simon Cuthbert, Cathay Pacific’s Customer Experience Manager – Entertainment, Platforms and Connectivity. ‘We offer one of the largest entertainment libraries in the sky, and there’s more and more 4K content on the way.’

Expect the same-sized library you would expect to find on the Cathay Pacific long-haul fleet, with the latest Hollywood blockbusters, the largest collection of Chinese movies and subtitles in the skies, plus TV box sets, content to help you relax from Calm, and music playlists and podcasts.

‘Watching a 4K movie inflight has to be seen to be believed,’ adds Cuthbert. ‘On the A321neo, your flight won’t feel long enough.’

5. Get plugged in – and go hands free

Cathay Pacific is the first airline to offer full Bluetooth audio connectivity* for passenger devices. Each seat also features both USB-A and USB-C to easily charge your devices, while Business seats also boast power outlets and noise-cancelling headphones.

The A321neos are also fitted with antennae to receive state-of-the-art satellite-based broadband – meaning you’ll get high-speed Wi-Fi connection* to browse and shop online.

7. You can fly with confidence

The brand new A321neos feature an improved ventilation system and rigorous cleaning and disinfecting measures. And with our Cathay Care commitment to your wellbeing, you can fly with the knowledge that we’ve enhanced our hygiene measures at every stage of your journey.

Spacious storage

Space-conscious design ensure there’s more room for your travel essentials. Extra-large overhead bins can fit eight carry-on bags comfortably – 60 per cent more than before – so you’ll always have room to stow your belongings.

There’s also a wealth of thoughtful personal storage options. Both Business and Economy Class seats feature seat cup and bottle holders, as well as integrated stands for tablets and personal devices.

Considered cabins

There’s a sense of space across the cabins, accentuated by warm mood lighting, while closer examination reveals considered details at every seat to make flying a pleasure.

Take the baggage bins. Not the most exciting part of the aircraft experience, yet often the cause of anxiety at boarding – will there be enough space for your bag? Yes, is the short answer: the new Airbus XL bin provides more space for carry-on bags – in fact, 60 per cent more compared to the current A321. ‘This is an optional feature on the A321neo – you won’t find it on every airline,’ says Laurent Tremblay-Simard, Customer Experience Manager Inflight Premium Cabins for Cathay Pacific. ‘It’s a big change customers will notice straight away.’

A better Business

The small, select Business cabin offers 12 seats in a 2×2 formation. The seats are perfectly formed; they offer width, comfort and an electronically controlled recline with leg support. Best of all, ‘our aircraft has the best privacy level of any other regional business product,’ says Tremblay-Simard. That’s thanks to a sliding screen between seats – and as the seats are mounted in a shell, reclining increases privacy further without encroaching on the seat behind.

There are multiple stowage options, with cup, bottle and digital tablet holders, while the star feature is a 15.6-inch 4K HD screen, up from a standard HD 12-inch screen. To charge your own devices, each seat offers an AC power outlet, plus USB-A and USB-C sockets. You’ll receive complimentary noise-cancelling headphones – and in a first, you’ll be able to connect your own Bluetooth earphones as well, progressively introduced across the planes.

Extraordinary Economy

There’s a real long-haul feel in the Economy cabin. Eyes are drawn straight away to the familiar-looking seats arranged in a 3×3 alignment. These are the same seats that are found on Cathay Pacific’s widebody A350-1000, with a few tweaks for their role.

‘As this is a single-aisle aircraft, the seats have been optimized for regional travel,’ says Tremblay-Simard. The optimisation sees the finessing of seat cushions to get the balance between comfort and legroom for flights of up to six hours. The headrest is a simplified version of those found on the A350-1000, while still offering the popular neck-support feature. Seats are a comfortable 18-inch width, while pitch – the space between seats – is 29-30 inches.

Charge your device via USB-A or USB-C outlets, and store them on the seatback cup and tablet holder that can be used without opening out the tray table. That frees up more space to relax and enjoy the clarity and detail of a movie on the 11.6-inch 4K ultra HD screen, upgraded from the 9-inch HD screens of previous aircraft. And just like in Business, you’ll be able to link up your own earphones via Bluetooth, a feature being progressively introduced across the planes.

Top-flight connectivity

Phrases like state-of-the-art can be overused, but in this case it stands up. Cathay Pacific’s A321neos are packed with the latest technical goodies that you would expect to find on a long-haul aircraft.

‘We rolled out connectivity on most of the Cathay Pacific widebody aircraft, and it was important for us to bring that experience on to the A321neos,’ says Tremblay-Simard. All the aircraft are Wi-Fi connected with the latest Gogo 2Ku satellite-based broadband inflight connectivity, the same found on the Boeing 777 fleet. And because this aircraft is flying regionally, strong consistent satellite coverage means it’s easy to check emails, browse, post and shop online.

8. You’ll be able to explore all of Asia

The A321neos have a range of 7,400km – meaning that the whole of Asia is open to them. Stay tuned for a full destination list, coming soon.

Hygiene at every step

Our brand-new A321neo aircraft features high-tech HEPA ventilation technology to ensure the highest air quality possible. We employ vigorous disinfection and cleaning measures to ensure our cabins are thoroughly sanitised ahead of every journey.

Keeping our cabins clean and safe is a core part of our commitment to protecting your wellbeing.

Images and visuals are of Cathay pacific Airways..

#CathayPacific #國泰航空公司 #OCTOBER2021 |#國泰航空  #MoveBeyond Shop With #CathayPopUnStore #PacificPlace #HongKong launching its All new #OnlineShopping #Lifestyle curated rewarding coming to life….

Cathay Pacific國泰航空公司the world’s leading airliner…. Introducing Cathay Pacific Airways newest Leading Pop Up Store – Cathay Pacific in which Cathay Pacific is celebrating the launch of its new online shopping platform with a pop-up of curated lifestyle products at Pacific Place. From now until 31 October 2021, experience exclusive shopping offers, interactive games, giveaways including Asia Miles and more…..

In which Cathay is excited to introduce a new online shopping experience to its customers that enables them to elevate their lifestyle with a selection of carefully curated items and earn rewards along the way. .. Located at L1, 100A 88 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong SAR- China – People’s Republic of China.. Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 11:00 am – 9:00 pm

The new shopping platform is the fastest way to earn miles from online shopping, meaning customers can easily collect miles for their next staycation, much-desired purchase, dining experience and more. Customers can shop anytime, anywhere, and can even pay with Miles Plus Cash……..To mark the introduction of its new shopping experience, Cathay is holding a pop-up event for customers at Pacific Place shopping mall in Hong Kong from 22-31 October. With 20% off for the well-curated products on display and 20,000 miles as a prize to the top spender each day. What’s more? Share this event on your Instagram and mention your favourite product to receive a gift token and get the chance to win the product of your choice. With “Terms and conditions apply”.


Images and visuals are of Cathay Pacific Airways