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On 9th September 2017 currently NASA – KSC is in total shutdown in which the 45th Space Wing in Patrick Air Force air force base- Cape Canaveral Air force station  has taken over operations of NASA – Kennedy Space Center for Hurricane Irma- level five  in preparing for the for the key evacuation of majority of NASA-KSC’s personal with at 92 personal team from Patrick Air Force Base is on recovery, damage assessment management at Kennedy Space Center with the Level of HURCON 3 to ride out the hurricane till is safe to come back to resume back into normal operations..

Just only hours moments before the shutdown was commencing, it was the launch of Space X – OTV 5 , from that Iconic NASA-KSC – Kennedy Space Center- Launch Complex pad 39A (LC-39A) , in which was launched on a specific timely window  due to the nature of what’s to come with the current situation.. in which that launch was on 7th September 2017 at 0950 Eastern Date Time in the morning with a window closing at 1455 Eastern Date Time in the morning..

The Payload in nature was a United States Air force X-37B- Orbital Test Vehicle –OTV- in which this vehicle was to become the next generation manned vehicle heritage design to replace the Boeing- Rockwell Space Shuttle with its innovative streamlines sleek lines learning from the last experiences..  This is the X-37B- Orbital Test Vehicle fifth launch mission launch in which is mission is unspecified due to the nature….

As the SpaceX launch from the iconic launch complex LC-39A, during the lift off the first stage begins to land traditionally eight minutes after lift-off onto Cape Canaveral Air force station  (LZ-1) landing zone one of the Falcon nine reusable..

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