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“.. As leaving the Chapel of Lady Penha the Bride smile thankingly delightfully again as we met together for the last time in hope wishing them well also the her groom would look after each other respectability through life together……”

My next stop for is on a  warm the clear blue skies morning is the Lady of Penha Chapel, in church in São Lourenço Macau is located on top of the Penha Hill Tops with encompassing view of Colonial Macau views  in which the church is also dedicated to The Lady Of Penha…… in which The Lady Of Penha .. Also can be found originally from France..  Located on the hill tops with a highly dense plushy neighborhood surrounding the Chapel… as driving towards there..

As driving there, with my tour guide for the day, he explains that this area is extremely popular location  for wedding photography for newlywed’s couples in which taking advantage of the iconic location in which as awesome backdrop view of the Macau Harbour..  as I was getting out of the car, in which I met two soon to be wedded  lovely couples whom was having their wedding photographs taken in which shared the same make up team in which have two photographer teams in between the two couples.. As I met one couple congratulating them, the bride dressed in an A line silk floral pattern lacy tube wedding dress.  Said delightfully thanks with a smile in return… In which providing the groom was getting ready for the shot…

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As we walk up toward the chapel, in which you could see the French, Portuguese style chapel… in which was built in 1837, in where the land was donated by the senate of Augustinians in then once sorting out the finer details the chapel was constructed in 1622 until it changed ownership from until the Augustinians was evicted out from Macau in 1837, from then it was reconstructed in within additional residence bishop wing rebuilt completely in 1935.. With that reconstruction it contains in the courtyard with the white Statue of the “Our Lady of Lourdes’s as it observes the church, also the Macau’s Harbour..

Macau’s Harbour makes a timeless wedding backdrop as with the essences of 1930’s

Having walking around the chapel, first starting around the grounds as one of the other pair of wed couples  have already started their preparations in getting their photo shot… as I walked around, I entered inside the chapel.. in which you can see the 1935 incarnation from the previous two incarnations as historically it was rebuilt….. as seeing the window stain glass window that ornate the stories of how this chapel come to be, in sense you can see, feel that rebuild through the same wooden bench seating that still remains to the day since its third incarnation rebuild of the 1930’s design elements.. It’s hard to imagine what the place was like as it was previously built, but in that reflection of third incarnation rebuild, I can see the essences how it reconstructed…

Orthough, there’s no photography allowed inside…  I can see how provincially enriched the community is around.. As leaving the Chapel of Lady Penha the Bride also the groom smile thankingly delightfully again as we met together for the last time in hope wishing them well would look after each other respectability through life together……

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